Saturday, January 24, 2015

Islam in Austria with a pan-European focus, by Ioannis Michaletos

The turmoil in the European states due to the return of Jihadists of ISIS from the Middle Eastern battlefields has resulted in a wide range of security measures aimed to curb the operational capabilities of those. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

French Prime Minister: 'I Refuse to Use This Term Islamophobia', by Jeffrey Goldberg

Manuel Valls argues that the charge of 'Islamophobia' is often used to silence critics of Islamism.

The prime minister of France, Manuel Valls, has emerged over the past tumultuous week as one of the West’s most vocal foes of Islamism, though he’s actually been talking about the threat it poses for a long while. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Egypt Warns of Muslim Brotherhood Organizations in U.S., by Ryan Mauro

 An Egyptian government website features a warning that the Muslim Brotherhood has a lobby in the U.S. disguised as civil society organizations. The United Arab Emirates has made similar statements and the U.S. Justice Department has confirmed the existence of a Muslim Brotherhood branch in America.

Who ordered the attack against Charlie Hebdo? by Thierry Meyssan

While many French react to the attack against Charlie Hebdo denouncing Islam and demonstrating in the streets, Thierry Meyssan points out that the jihadist interpretation is impossible. While it would be tempting for him to see it as an Al Qaeda or Daesh operation, he envisages another, much more dangerous hypothesis.

On January 7, 2015, commandos erupted in Paris, in the premises of Charlie Hebdo and murdered 12 people. 4 more victims are still in serious condition.
On the videos, the attackers are heard shouting "Allah Akbar! and "avenge Muhammad”. One witness, a Coco designer, said they proclaimed affiliation with al-Qaeda. That’s all it took for many French to denounce it as an Islamist attack.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Turkey-Hamas Nexus, by Jonathan Schanzer & David Andrew Weinberg

Last week, Israel’s Foreign Ministry praised Qatar for purportedly expelling Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal from Doha. The announcement came shortly after CNN cited reports from a Hamas news agency indicating that Meshaal was to be expelled and was probably headed to Turkey.  Within hours, however, CNN changed its story, issuing a correction on Twitter that read “sources close to Hamas—not news agency—say Qatar expelled Khaled Meshaal; Hamas official denies it.”

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pegida: The New German Revolution, by Peter Martino

Pegida's worries about the Islamization of Germany concern the seeming intolerance and religious fanaticism that have grown hand-in-hand with the arrival of the Muslim populations unwilling to adapt to Western values.
The terror attacks in France Had "nothing to do with Islam." — German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière.
By decrying Pegida's views as "xenophobic," narrow minded" and even "inhuman," Germany's ruling establishment shows how deeply out of touch it is with the worries of a large segment of the population.
Perhaps the people in the East just want to avoid the situation that the Western part of the country is in. Having gone through decades of Communist dictatorship, perhaps they are less inclined to trust that their political leaders have the people's best interests in mind with their policies.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Βαλκανική "εμπλοκή" στην επίθεση στο Παρίσι,του Ιωάννη Μιχαλέτου

Νεώτερα στοιχεία σχετικά με τον οπλισμό των δραστών της επιθέσεως στο Παρίσι, δείχνουν ότι η προέλευση του οπλισμού και συγκεκριμένα των φορητών όπλων, προέρχεται από τη Βοσνία.