Andreas Banoutsos Bio

Andreas G. Banoutsos earned his Bachelor Degree in Economics (BSc) at the Athens University of Economics and Business in 2001 and his Master’s Degree (MA) in Intelligence and Security Studies at Brunel University (UK) in 2006. He is a PhD candidate (expected 2015) in Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham (UK) and his thesis examines the potential Islamist threat to Greece.  From October 2007 till January 2012 he was a Senior Analyst at the Athens based think tank Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS). He is currently co-administrator of the blog Radical Islam Monitor in Southeast Europe (RIMSE) and a columnist at

  Ioannis Michaletos Bio

Ioannis Michaletos is an associate of the Institute for Defense & Security Analysis in Athens, Greece. He is a political and security consultant for the IHS Jane’s Information Group and a regular contributor for security issues for World Press, Serbianna, Balkanalysis and a host of other online journals. He frequently interviews & comments on such issues for the world media.He holds a BA in political science from the Essex University and an MSc in human resources management from the Bedfordshire University.Mr. Michaletos leads the Southeast European office of the World Security Network Foundation, contributes to the BRIGHT magazine in issues of Balkan organized crime, and is a member of the FLARE network (European network of civil society against trans-national organized crime).His main interests are in the research and analysis of asymmetrical security threats in Southeastern Europe (organized crime networks, terrorism and extremism)His experience includes consultancy projects for security research organizations and corporations, focused mainly in the Balkans, Greece, the regional extremist networks and the trans-national illicit markets.