Sunday, June 26, 2011

Answering Abu Yaasir’s article “Refuting Andreas Banoutsos and his article Radical Dawah online in Greece” , by Andreas Banoutsos

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Abu Yaasir for the honor he made to me by writing an entire article (1) and dedicating almost 1,400 words to an “unknown figure to the world of Islamic Research”. Secondly, I would like to inform him that in September 2010, I sent an e-mail to Mr.Ahmed Eldin inviting him to give me an interview for my doctoral research, but he never even answered to my e-mail. Furthermore, Mr. Abu Yaasir is asking me several questions such as “Why can this message (Radical Dawah) harm social cohesion?” “Why should it subvert the Western democratic legal order” etc. Well, he should first ask the Dutch Security and Intelligence Service (AIVD) which I am quoting in my article and which were the first to “invent” the term “Radical Dawah”. However, I will be generous with him and ask him if he wants ultra-orthodox Islamic laws taking precedence over Greek secular law? If yes, is he an advocate of imposing all aspects of Sharia law in Greece? Does he believe that Sharia law is superior in comparison to any “man made” secular laws?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The emergence of “Balkan Jihad” and its progress in the region, by Ioannis Michaletos

After the 9/11, a worldwide “War on terror” begun in order to disband and neutralize Islamic terrorist networks across the globe. The main focus of the largest anti-terrorist campaign in history is focused in the Middle East area, as well as in Afghanistan.
The Balkan Peninsula is the European area where this campaign has also taken place, with numerous arrests and a continuous effort into riding the fundamentalist out of the area. The question arising though, is how did the extremists gain a foothold in South Eastern Europe in the first place, and what was the reaction of the international community over the previous years.
The presence of Islam in the Balkans dates back in the 13th century.