Launched in February 2011, Radical Islam Monitor in Southeast Europe (RIMSE) seeks to expose Islamist activities (both violent and non violent) in the region of Southeast Europe. Special attention will be given to Islamist activities taking place in Greece.

Islamism is a totalitarian political ideology which adheres to the belief that Islam is not just a religion, but a holistic socio-political system. Islamism advocates the implementation of Shariah law (Islamic law) and the establishment of a global Islamic state-the Caliphate- that will unite the transnational Muslim community, known as the Ummah. RIMSE argues that the threat posed to the West in general and to Southeast Europe in particular is not by Islam as a faith but by Islamism as a totalitarian political ideology.

Islamists are pursuing their totalitarian goals through both violent and non violent methods. Terrorism is a method used by violent Islamists in their effort to achieve world domination. The global Salafi-Jihadi movement for example is trying to impose Shariah law and establish the Caliphate mainly through terrorist activity. At the same time nonviolent Islamist movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Jamaat e- Islami and their affiliates are seeking to advance the same agenda by subverting Western liberal democracies. RIMSE engages in a two-fold effort of research and activism in order to educate and alert the public in the liberal democracies of Southeast Europe on the threat posed by the totalitarian political ideology of Islamism.