Sunday, October 28, 2012

Taibah International organization, by Ioannis Michaletos

Taibah’s International’s main founders was Abdullah Bin Laden, a nephew of Osamah bin Laden. Abdurrahman Alamoudi, its deputy director, was tried in US for money laundering and prohibited transactions with foreign states. Alamoudi was one of the leaders of the “American Task force for Bosnia” – US national coordinator of Islamic Organizations, which lobbied actively in US during the Bosnian war for aid to Bosnians.
Bosnian activities between 1998-2004: In BiH, Taibach had a seat in Travnik and registered offices in Sarajevo and Visoko. In 1998 the organization gave 48.000 USD to AIO’s Almin Foco (one of the founders and deputy president of a Wahhabi oriented organization A.I.O). Between 1999 and mid-2001 it received over 1,5 million US dollars from unidentified sources. No documentations were shown how the resources were spent except that madrasas in Travnik and Visoko were given 7000 USD each.

In early October 2001 Ali Hamid Eltayeb was registered as the official representative of Taibah International by the Ministry for Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees. Among the former members of the unit El-Mujaheed, Eltayeb was known as Abu Ali. He was born in 1960 in Sudan and obtained BiH citizenship in mid-March 1997. Eltayeb was considered the sheikh of the movement Muslim Brothers (MB) in BiH, which led to his arrest in mid-December 2001. He was released immediately afterwards and probably still lives in Sarajevo as one of the leaders of MB. In fact, Taibah International is cited as a publisher of many books that are advertised on the site of Bosnian Muslim Brothers. At the time of Eltayeb’s arrest (14-15 December 2001) the offices of Taibach in BiH were raided by the antiterrorist squad, within the action of supervision on international charity organizations. During his arrest, Eltayeb said that a Taibach employee Mohammed El-Nagmy was simultaneously GRF’s Bosnian representative, which Nagmy confirmed. According to FBI report another Taibach employee Mustafa Ait-Idir said (in Feb. 2002) that Taibach actually represented the interests of GRF in BiH. The Bosnian authorities terminated its activities in 2004.

During the raids of Taibach and GRF the following employees were arrested :

Egyptian Tarek El Masry (Taibach’s book keeper), Algerian Zidene Boukhalfa, Sudanese Ali Hamid Eltayeb, Egyptian Mohamed El Nagmy, Algerian Omar Sakhri, Sudanese Haassan-Rabih Yousef and Mohamed Abdel Magid Rawia.

Ideological role: In its premises in Travnik, Taibach was organizing courses of foreign languages and informatics. It supported the Wahhabi organization AIO in 1998. It gave money to religious schools (medresa in Travnik – a town known for its Wahhabi activity and a seat to many other Islamic charities – and medresa in Visoko, where Wahhabi oriented Senaid Zaimović was a teacher).

Its official representative in BiH Eltayeb was connected to El-Mujaheed as well as its employee Mustafa Ait-Idr. It had connections to and supported Muslim Brothers in BiH.

Connections: Strong connections to GRF. Also connected to WAMY. Bosnian branch of Muslim Brothers, AIO, & EL-Mujaheed.