Saturday, March 5, 2011

White Al Qaeda in Kosovo

Serbian terrorism expert, Darko Trifunovc, says that the Kosovo Albanian who killed 2 US soldiers in Germany is part of the “white” al-Qaeda being recruited in the Balkans with its center being in Kosovo. The Albanian terrorist, Arif Uka, hails from the town of Kosovska Mitrovica which also happens to be the recruitment center for “white” al-Qaeda that is managed by former Kosovo Albanian KLA gunmen and financed by the Saudis. says another expert, Zoran Dragisic.

Uka’s grandfather was a Muslim Imam in the village of Zabar.“White” al-Qaeda is a reference to a Muslim terrorist like the Albanian Uka who has European racial features and can easily blend in the Western society as a sleeper terrorist cell.

Dragisic says that a Kosovo Albanian, Ekhrem Avdiya, is a leader of the “Kosovo Islamic Bureau” in Kosovska Mitrovica and that the Bureau is formed in 1998 and financed by Saudis.

Its purpose is to funnel terror money and recruit local Albanian Muslims for terror attacks.

“Most of these are from the ranks of the KLA. At the end of the 1990s, in Kosovska Mitrovica, a group of al-Qaeda members were persecuted among whom was Ekhrem Avdiyu, Hadzmadin Laush and Shpen Kopriva,” says Dragisic.

In 2001, these men were released from jail due to the US pressure says Dragisic and Avdiyu went back to running the Islamic Bureau.

Avdiyu is known by its terror name of Abu Sheib.

Trifunovic says that the al-Qaeda’s Kosovo wing is called Abu Bekir Sadik.
Avdiyu has a degree from the university of Medina, Saudi Arabia and is a graduate of the terror camp Host in Afghanistan.

Avdiyu also took terror training in Jablanica near Tesanj in Bosnia. Incidentally, Bosnia’s Tesanj is politically controlled by the Bosnian Muslim family Ljevakovic and one of the Ljevakovic’s, Enes, writes for a magazine edited by Canada’s Bosnian Muslim leader Emir Ramic who is accusing Trifkovic of genocide denial. Trifunovic says that Abu Bekir Sadik was formed in 1998 with help of Abdulah Dunaman who ran the humanitarian organization Bureau for Islamic Calling. This group was Saudi financed and worked out of Bosnia. Today, Abu Bekir Sadik is in the Albanian-dominated part of Kosovska Mitrovica in the borough of Tamnik. Members meet in the local cafe Besa and hotel Palas at the entrance of the city.

“Abu Bekir Sadik is made up of 30 terrorists among whom are Shpend Kopriva, Muhamed Avdiya, Sami Hoti, Alia Hoti, Besim Ismaili, Ertan Bitiqi, Ahmed Hoxa, Lulyzam Imeri, Nedzmedin Laush and Arif Krasniqi,” says Trifunovic.

Abu Bekir Sadik closely cooperates with another Kosovo Albanian Islamic terror group led by Rahman Rama.