Thursday, April 30, 2015

Attack in Bosnian Police station

Exerpts from recent revelations by the regional press on the attack in Serb-Bosnian Police station by a radical Islamist.

"From young man to Wahhabi terrorist in three months"

Excerpt from "Blic newspaper"

Nerdin Ibric (24), who killed police officer Dragan Djuric and wounded his two colleagues two nights ago in police station in Zvornik, became a terrorist in just three months.

Those are people who are not active in combat activities. They sit at home, they are online all the time, where ISIL has a very active campaign in recruitment of young population. Ibric was a nice young man three months ago, "bellow radar" of all security services. 

Then he became a friend with Avdulah Hasanovic, Wahhabi who was in the Syria war until last year. In just one month, he completely changed Ibric, brainwashed him, which resulted with this tragedy - says our source.

Hasanovic was arrested after Ibric murdered the police officer in Zvornik.

- The evidence are leading towards Wahhabi movements on other locations. We are constantly on the field with the members of SIPA and other agencies - say Minister of Interior in Republika Srpska Dragan Lukac.

Yesterday police arrested another accomplice, Kasim Mehidic, ownner of "Kale prom" company.

Nerdin Ibric came in front of police station in Zvornik last night in19.15, entered inside and started shooting from a shotgun. He was yelling "Allah is great"!

Officer Dragan Djuric died in the shooting, while his colleagues Zeljko Gajic and Stevo Milovanovic were wounded. During the shooting, the attacker Nerdin Ibric was killed too.

Both police officers who were wounded are taken care of in Zvornik hospital, and they are feeling fine.

- We feel fine, thang God. Doctors did their part good, and we are very grateful - says Stevo Milovanovic, who was wounded in both hands and in his leg, while Zeljko Gajic was shot in his right shoulder.


"The terrorist was trained in Wahhabi camp Cerska"

Excerpt from "Voice of Serbian newspaper"

Zvornik, Banja Luka - Wahhabi camp near the city center, near Zvornik and Osmaci base in Potocari, close to Srebrenica, will be the main target in the continuing investigation of the terrorist attack on the police station in Zvornik, on suspicion that the perpetrator and the instigators of this act had associates in these camps.

A source close to the investigation told the "Voice of Serbian" it was established that the Avdulah Hasanovic, who was arrested after the attack in Zvornik, often stayed in Wahhabi camp near the city center and the Nerdina Ibrić, which killed one and wounded two Zvornik police officers underwent training in this camp.

"Voice of Serbian" announced late last year that the foreign Islamic jihadists 20 countries at war from the camp near the city center, which are on the battlefield went through Wahhabi community in Vienna managed by Hafiz Muhammad portion.

Our interlocutor said Hasanovic had contacts with the head of the Islamic Center "Al Furqan" from Melbourne Harun Mehicevic.

They met three years ago when he was in Mehičević Wahhabi community in Gornja Maoca - says the same source.

Mehičević controversial Muslim preacher from Mostar, who for several years has led the Islamic Center "Al-Furqan". The center is associated with three anti-terrorist operations conducted in Australia since 2012. Mehičević after the recent arrest of several people connected with the center announced that the center closes and the Australian media have reported that the likely returns in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Hasanovic once amongst those arested by SIPA on September 3 last year in the "Damasak operation" along with 15 others among whom was the leader of the Wahhabis in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bilal Hussein, who is on trial for terrorism or the recruitment of BiH citizens to leave the ranks of Islamic state on battlefields in Syria and Iraq. They are suspected of financing, public incitement and recruitment for terrorist activities and organization of terrorist groups. Hasanovic from September 2013 to March 2014 was in Syria, and then returned to Šetići near Zvornik.

R.I.M.S.E. note: It can be concluded at a first glance that the Bosnian "terror machine" has spread its wings as far as Australia and has been re-configuring its recruitment tactics by trying to braiwash and sent into terorist action, otherwise unassumed individuals, not known to the authorities.

That methodology is similar to the overall propaganda line of the ISL/ISIS which has numerously relayed over the past 6 months that it aims to launch low-level attacks against soft targets in Europe using the preliminary self-motivation of Islamists, most of which are quickly recruited and brainwashed for that purpose.