Friday, April 22, 2016

Bosnian connection to Brussels & Paris attacks


New York - The terrorists who carried out the recent bloody attacks in Brussels and Paris, Salah Abdeslam, brothers and Halid Ibrahim el-Bakravi and Najim al-Shaarawy were connected via the Internet with a citizen of Bosnia Herzegovina, Ezherom Beganović.

It is stated in the article of the entitled "After the bombs in Paris and Brussels, the shadow of terrorist attacks has covered the Balkans" that was published by the influential American internet portal "Veterans USA Today".

- Beganović was one of the people suspected of links with terrorist organizations and extremist groups, which, along with Fatmir Alispahic, Abdusamed Nasuf Bušatlić and Semir Imamovic, working closely with them. He, along with his colleagues, is one of the main members of religious extremist groups. They are using social media and virtual space, attracting extreme and radical people - relayed in the text.

It was alleged that Beganović is the portal administrator "Saf" and manages several internet sites in BiH. "Veterans USA Today" said that Bir portals, Bosnia-media, Islamic TV, minbar, Soupkitchen Bosnia, and "Facebook" and "Twitter" are used for the development of the radical Wahhabi thoughts and promotion of extremism and violence, religious fundamentalists.

- Beganović studied in Saudi Arabia, and during a trip to Turkey he linked himself with the leaders of  al-Nusra Front, thereafter proceed into terorist traniing.

The text stated that "WikiLeaks" revealed that Beganović was a prominent member of the group that planned terrorist attacks in 2005, and that killed several policemen and Croatian returnees in Bosnia.