Friday, July 15, 2016

Muslim Brotherhood possible links of the Nice massacre, by Walid Phares

The Muslim Brotherhood possible links of the Nice massacre

According to a Tunisian investigation web site Mohammed Bouhlel, the perpetrator of the massacre in Nice, France, is a Tunisian permanent resident whose father is a leading member of al Nahda Movement, a group affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Nabil Ben Yahmed writing in "Tunisie Secrets" said Bouhlel "is originally from Mseken and his father is known by authorities as violent extremist."

This report, attached here, may not establish -yet- a link to ISIS, but hundreds of Tunisian Jihadists, originally members of Annahda-Ikhwan have shifted and joined al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria over the past few years.

Walid Phares is the Foreign policy & counter-terrorism adviser of the U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump