Thursday, November 3, 2016

Report: Bosnia-Herzegovina serves as a refuge for jihadists

The BiH need decisive action to confront and eradicate the presence of jihadists, but this will not happen due to its centralized security institutions which are dominated by the Democratic Action Party / SDA / which has close links with the Mujahideen, according to the 16th report of the Republic of Serbian which was submitted to the UN security Council.

The report said that if BiH's friends in the international community want to reduce the threat of terrorism from Bosnia and Herzegovina, they should stop support program to centralize the intelligence and security services in Sarajevo agencies and block the anti-terrorist activities of the entities and the local police. 

Terrorists increasingly hit on BiH itself, although it mainly serves as a refuge for jihadists operating abroad. 

The report cites a few examples of terrorist acts in BiH: the Republic of Serbian officials who work in the fight against terrorism in cooperation with the Swedish authorities on 12 May arrested five people suspected of smuggling military weapons radical Islamists in Sweden. 

In November 2015 Enes Omeragić killed two members of the Armed Forces of BiH in Sarajevo before he blew himself up, and later in his apartment found propaganda material "Islamic state." 

An armed man for whom is believed to be linked to the Wahhabi movement, on 27 April 2015 attacked the police station in the municipality of Zvornik during the shift handover, and shouting "Allah akbar!" from two automatic rifles killed a policeman Dragan Djuric and injured two others. 

In October 2011, terrorists armed with a rifle "AK-47" and hand grenades, attacked the American Embassy in Sarajevo, hitting it with 105 bullets, a 2010 jihadist terrorists placed a bomb outside a police station in Bugojno in central Bosnia, and was killed in the attack a policeman Tarik Jubuškić and injured six others. 

"The security apparatus dominated by the SDA BiH does not work to eradicate the presence of jihadists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a security service in Sarajevo and their domestic political and international supervisors simply do not want to respond to extremist threats that are closely associated with the SDA and its supporters of the war," says in the report. 

Many recruits of "Islamic state," as stated in the report, are former fighters of the "El Mujahid", which was created Alija Izetbegovic, including at least one of the six people originally from Bosnia against whom the United States in 2015 pressed charges for sending money and material means "Islamic state." 

"Republic of Serbian authorities are doing everything in their power to stop terrorism in BiH and abroad, but their hands are tied in efforts to provide protection from jihadist violence. The intelligence and security agencies at the state level and the Federation often do not share intelligence information with the institutions of the Republic Serbian, and in the meantime, there are jihadist community in the Federation and Brcko district, outside the jurisdiction of the Republic of Serbian police, "the report said. 

The article points out that these communities only emphasize the legitimate fears of the citizens of the Republic of Serbian because so readily handed threats of violence against the Serbian Republic in connection with the referendum on the Republic Day. 

"SDA President Bakir Izetbegovic has threatened to President of the Republic of Serbian Milorad Dodik end up like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, or Slobodan Milosevic. The former Muslim wartime commander Sefer Halilovic, who is the head of the other Bosniak parties, threatened war against the Republic of Serbian, if you keep referendum on the Republic day and boasted to the Republic of Serbian unable to withstand more than 10 to 15 days, while no leader of the SDA or any other Bosniak party has not distanced itself from these threats, "the report said. 

The report notes that from the very beginning of the war BiH was a European training ground and refuge for jihadists, a former deputy commander of Al Qaeda said that when they entered the war in Bosnia, the primary objective of Al Qaeda was not to help the Bosnian Muslims, but to establish base of operations in Bosnia to support future operations of Al Qaeda in Europe and the west. 

"SDA, which was founded on the ideas of the Declaration and Islamic supremacy, called the mujahedeen and other radicals in BiH, and then gave them refuge and it is the same SDA, which still dominates in the institutions at the state level, including the institutions responsible for response the jihadist threat, "the report said. 

The report says that Alija Izetbegovic personally ordered the establishment of the "El Mujahid part of the so-called Army of BiH. 

Within the "El Mujahid" unit called the 3rd Corps of the Army of BiH, were originally only foreign mujahedin but was later largely made up of local Bosnians, and during the war nineties members of this detachment were regularly tortured Serbian prisoners and cut off their heads . 

"In the judgment of Rasim Delic in 2008, the ICTY has found that members of the herb mudžahidž committed widespread and sadistic war crimes against Serbs and found that it killed 52 prisoners of Serbian nationality in Kamenica detention camp in the period from September to December 1995." the report states. 

The Hague tribunal was conducting an investigation against Alija Izetbegovic for war crimes, but the investigation was suspended after his death in 2003. 

The report warns that today's SDA continues to maintain close links with radical Islamists, because the SDA has never renounced its jihadist connections. 

"Many of the current political leaders SDA have had close links with radical Islamists and jihadists, and to the President of the SDA, Bakir Izetbegovic, vice-presidents and Šefik Šemsudin Mehmedović Džaferović, board members of the SDA, Hasan Cengic and Mehmedagić Osman, who was the chief of security of Alija Izetbegovic during recruiting mujahedeen, and today is the director of the Intelligence and security Agency of BiH, "the report said. 

SDA blocked the prosecution of war crimes committed by the mujahedin, a State Prosecution, whose chief prosecutor has close links with SDA, it sought justice for war crimes against Serbs mujahideen. 

"The Prosecution in particular protects members of the SDA who were involved in atrocities Mujahideen, a deputy chief of the US mission Nikolas Hill in 2015 observed that generally believes that the chief prosecutor heavily influenced by Bosniak political forces and that there are complaints that the prosecution has too stubborn followers SDA "the report said. 

This document points out that the BiH Prosecutor's Office refused to investigate evidence that the current Chairman of the House of Representatives and Vice SDA Šefika Džaferović associated with the war crimes of the "El Mujahid". 

BiH Prosecutor's Office has recently submitted evidence that Džaferović was complicit in atrocities "El Mujahid". During the war, Džaferović was the Head of the criminal police of the State Security Service in Zenica, which served as the headquarters of Detachment. 

Kebin evidence, for example, contains documents that show that Džaferović and Sakib Mahmuljin, commander of the Third Corps of the so-called Army of BiH were only ten meters away when a member of the Detachment beheaded in Vozuća Serbian civilian clothes, but the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 11 March 2015 decided you will not even explore the evidence against Džaferović and Mahmuljin. 

"BiH becomes a European oasis of potential terrorists, and the institutions at the state level are not able, nor want to eradicate this problem and BiH has long been used as a training ground and refuge for more terrorist acts against Western interests. In recent years, the Islamic državaž becomes increasingly dangerous, as demonstrated by the recent attacks in Paris, Brussels and elsewhere in Europe, "the report comments. 

If we allow further poisoning BiH jihadist presence, Europe and the United States, the report says, will be more difficult to defend against terrorism. 

"Western policy makers have contributed and continue to contribute to the spread of Jihadism in BiH by supporting the SDA and its objective is to centralize power at the state level, contrary to the Dayton Agreement. Entities with solid jurisdictions, including in the sphere of security, an important protection against radical Islam and terrorism, "the report said. 

The report noted that the Republic of Serbian wants to maintain the Dayton Agreement, which gives significant powers of the entities, but to the contrary, SDA and its allies in the international community want to undermine the post-war solution by transferring responsibilities to the centralized institutions dominated Islamic SDA and thus removes these essential protection. 

"Without the protection provided by the Dayton agreement, the presence and activities of jihadists in BiH over time will only increase," says the report.