Friday, March 24, 2017

Wahhabis in Serbia located from Prnjavor to Bijeljina

The members of the Wahhabi movement are located in the Republic of Bosnian- Serbia and in several cities and municipalities of Prnjavor, Teslic, Kotor Varos, via Banja Luka to Doboj and Bijeljina, according to a confidential report of the security services of Serbia, in which the Euroblic newspaper had access.

Referring to a report that was submitted last year, the Serbian Interior Ministry, the newspaper said that the here is a special security interest for the illegal Wahhabi communities that were established in the peripheral municipalities in the Republic of Serbia.

Wahhabis are located in settlements Lisnja and Lower Mravici near Prnjavor, Teslic village of Kamenica, Novoselija and Vrbanja, near Banja Luka, Spinney at Kotor Varos, Kotor, near Doboj, Bijeljina and Janja village.

The report said that supporters of the radical Islamist movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina carry out sabotage and terrorist training in the strictest secrecy in the Wahhabi commune in the village Debeljak, in the municipality of Cazin, as well as in the wider region of the village Brezičani, in the municipality of Donji Vakuf.

BiH Security Minister Dragan Mektic said that the relevant security agencies at the state level have information about the existence of a large number of Wahhabi commune, which almost coincide with the data available to the Serbian MUP.

He argues that there is no evidence of the formation of secret terrorist training centers in the municipalities of Donji Vakuf and Cazin.

"What we do know is that in the last year and a half ago we had no departure of BiH citizens to foreign battlefields, and that we prosecute those who have returned to BiH from Syria and Iraq," said Mektić.