Thursday, April 6, 2017

List of Jihadists attacks in 2016 part 6

List of Jihadist attacks worldwide in 2016 part 6

2016.04.19UgandaKanginima01A 22-year-old Christian woman is beaten and gang-raped in a targeted attack by followers of a local imam.
2016.04.19ThailandSongkhla111A child is among the casualties of an Islamic 'separatist' bomb blast outside a grocery store.
2016.04.19IraqBaghdad25Jihadis set off a bomb outside a row of shops, killing two passersby.
2016.04.19PakistanDhok Lona40A conservative Muslims shoots his own daughter and three other family members to death in an honor killing.
2016.04.19IraqMakhmour1318Thirteen Kurds are killed following an ISIS chemical attack.
2016.04.19AfghanistanKabul64347Over sixty are killed when religious extremists stage a massive attack on a government building that begins with a suicide bombing.
2016.04.19PakistanMardan123A Shahid suicide bomber takes out one person at a tax office.
2016.04.19EgyptSheikh Zuweid38Fundamentalists exterminate three local cops with an RPG.
2016.04.18IraqAbu Karma15A boy on a farm is disassembled by a terrorist mortar shell.
2016.04.18SyriaKefraya35An ISIS rocket ends the lives of three children.
2016.04.18SyriaHama23Two civilians bleed to death after their neighborhood is hit with a Sunni rocket attack.
2016.04.18TurkeyKilis46Three children are among four people cut to ribbons by ISIS shrapnel.
2016.04.18IsraelJerusalem021An Hamas suicide bomber detonates on a passenger bus.
2016.04.18SomaliaMogadishu40An Islamist shooting and suicide blast leaves four civilians dead.
2016.04.18Egyptal-Arish211Religious radicals murder two civilians with a roadside bomb.
2016.04.17IraqMosul20A photojournalist and his brother are pulled from their home and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.04.17PakistanZakha Khel10A guard is killed when a suicide bomber tries to enter a bazaar.
2016.04.17YemenAden42A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills four people at a checkpoint.
2016.04.17SomaliaMogadishu11Suspected al-Shabaab gun down a cleaning woman outside the UN headquarters.
2016.04.17SyriaRaqqa10A man is beheaded and crucified by the Islamic State.
2016.04.16IraqKirkuk10An imam at a mosque is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2016.04.16BahrainKarbabad12Shiite radicals are suspected of burning a police officer alive.
2016.04.16IraqTarmiya24Two Iraqis are murdered by Mujahideen bombers.
2016.04.16GermanyEssen03ISIS-inspired teens bomb a Sikh wedding.
2016.04.15SyriaRaqqa10A man is beheaded for alleged 'sorcery'.
2016.04.15LibyaBenghazi625Six Libyans are taken out by a suicide bomber at a cement factory.
2016.04.15LibyaBenghazi23An ISIS car bomb near a cemetery leaves two dead.
2016.04.14AfghanistanTakhar80Taliban ambush and murder eight local security personnel.
2016.04.14IraqMahmoudiya27Two people at a market are sectionalized by a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2016.04.13LibyaMisrata14A security guard is killed during an ISIS drive-by.
2016.04.13TurkeyKilis28Two lives are cut short by an ISIS rocket attack on a small town.
2016.04.12MaliTessalit31Three French peacekeepers are reduced to pulp by an Islamist landmine.
2016.04.12IraqMadain35Three people are torn limb from limb by a Jihadi bomb blast.
2016.04.12TurkeyGaziantep10A journalist dies after being shot in the head by Islamists.
2016.04.12IraqMosul10Caliphate members execute a university student in front of his home.
2016.04.12IraqMosul30Three women at a market are forced to their knees and shot in the head by the Islamic State.
2016.04.12PakistanSabzi Mandi12Taliban militants kill a government employee in a targeted attack.
2016.04.12LibyaBani Waleed72Seven others die after an attack by ISIS gunmen.
2016.04.12PhilippinesButig24Two sawmill workers are beheaded by Muslim extremists.
2016.04.12YemenAden57A Shahid suicide bomber sends five other souls to Allah.
2016.04.12ThailandMae Lan30A Buddhist monk is among three Thais murdered by Muslim terrorists.
2016.04.12AfghanistanMingora10The Taliban shoot an official to death after he stops to buy fruit.
2016.04.11TurkeyKilis111A 74-year-old man dies from injuries suffered from ISIS rocket shrapnel.
2016.04.11NigeriaGashak440Fulani terrorists invade two villages and massacre over forty residents.
2016.04.11PakistanKarachi10A secular-leaning party activist is assassinate in a tea room by suspected fundamentalists.
2016.04.11AfghanistanWesh70A Taliban in police uniform murders seven border guards.
2016.04.11AfghanistanKabul1438A suicide bomber on a motorcycle slaughters fourteen people.
2016.04.11SomaliaMogadishu57Children are among those killed by an al-Shabaab bomb blast outside a restaurant.
2016.04.11ThailandSongkla28A 4-year-old boy is among two killed when Muslim terrorists bomb a train station.
2016.04.10IraqHit612An Islamic State suicide bomber targets fleeing families, killing six members.
2016.04.10NigeriaAbraka10A 52-year-old university staffer is shot twice in the head by militant Muslims.
2016.04.10IraqZab64ISIS landmines take out a half dozen civilians.
2016.04.10SyriaAzaz200Twenty civilians are reported killed when ISIS members assault several small towns.
2016.04.09PhilippinesBula10Ansar al Khilafah members behead a 43-year-old non-Muslim.
2016.04.09YemenAhwar190Nineteen local soldiers are ambushed, captured and beheaded by al-Qaeda.
2016.04.09IraqBaghdad28Jihadis bomb a popular market, killing two patrons.
2016.04.09IraqAlbu Bali410A suicide car bomber takes out four Iraqis.
2016.04.09IraqMadain418Mujahid bombers murder four young people at a soccer match.
2016.04.09PhilippinesBasilan1853Abu Sayyaf ambush and kill eighteen local security personnel, some of which are beheaded.
2016.04.09SomaliaMogadishu65A Fedayeen suicide car bomber rams a busy restaurant, taking out six bystanders.
2016.04.09SyriaDamascus40Four cement workers are murdered on account of their being members of the Druze religious minority.
2016.04.09SyriaDarb Hassan63A half-dozen children are disassembled by an ISIS landmine.
2016.04.08PakistanKarachi30Three Shiites are gunned down by Sunnis after Friday prayers, including a father and son.
2016.04.08SomaliaHamar Weyne310Islamists send mortars into a seaside district, killing three residents.
2016.04.07IraqAbu Ghraib28Two people are killed when Mujahideen set off a bomb blast near a market.
2016.04.07EgyptSheikh Zuweid414A woman is among four people laid out by Islamic bombers.
2016.04.07SyriaAleppo23100ISIS sends shells containing chemical agents into a residential neighborhood, choking two dozen residents to death.
2016.04.07SyriaRaqqa20A video shows a gay man thrown to his death and stoned, while another is beheaded.
2016.04.07Egyptal-Arish31Terrorists murder three young police recruits with a roadside bomb.
2016.04.07ThailandPattani10Islamic terrorists shoot a 31-year-old man to death.
2016.04.07NigeriaGurum200At least twenty innocents are slaughtered when Boko Haram members burn their village.
2016.04.06SyriaAleppo1870A pregnant woman and three children are among over a dozen left dead after terrorists fire rockets into a Kurdish neighborhood.
2016.04.06BangladeshDhaka10A secular student activist is hacked to death at a university by three devotees chanting praises to Allah.
2016.04.06NigerDiffa33Three civilians are reduced to disparate parts by two Fedayeen suicide bombers.
2016.04.06IraqFallujah150The caliphate burns fifteen civilians alive for trying to flee.
2016.04.06ThailandNarathiwat20Two villagers are machine-gunned in their pick-up truck by Muslim terrorists.
2016.04.06AfghanistanAndar19A civilian bleeds out after the Taliban spray a vehicle with bullets.
2016.04.06PakistanWandala11A Muslim gang slits the throat of a disabled Christian for trying to defend members of his community.
2016.04.05IraqMahmoudiya27A marketplace blast leaves two patrons in pieces.
2016.04.05IraqBaghdad12A suicide bomber manages to kill one other person.
2016.04.05PakistanKhyber Pakhtunkhwa40Four people, including two refugees, are gunned down by Islamic militants.
2016.04.05AfghanistanParwan622Children are among six killed when a suicide bomber detonates near a school.
2016.04.05Saudi ArabiaDawadmi10ISIS snipers pick off a local military officer.
2016.04.04SyriaAleppo820Eight residents are killed when al-Nusra lob rocket shells into a neighborhood.
2016.04.04NigeriaIzghe50At least five others are killed when Boko Haram launch an attack on a small town.
2016.04.04LibyaJufra11One person is murdered by ISIS.
2016.04.04IraqNasiriyah1427A suicide bomber detonates at a restaurant frequented by Shiites, killing at least fourteen.
2016.04.04IraqBasra510Five Iraqis are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber at a commercial area.
2016.04.04IraqSadr al-Qanat613A half-dozen people lose their lives to a suicide car bomber.
2016.04.04IraqMishahda410A Shahid suicide car bomber hits a government building, killing four employees.
2016.04.04SyriaRaqqa80Eight young people are crucified by the Islamic State.
2016.04.04AfghanistanDawlat Abad60Sunni fundamentalists ambush and murder six local cops.
2016.04.04AfghanistanKhewa26Two civilians are laid out by a Taliban bomb blast.
2016.04.03IndiaSahaspur11Suspected Mujahid gun down a man in front of his wife and children.
2016.04.03YemenMarib317Three civilians are left dead after a Shiite militant attack on a hospital.
2016.04.02IraqTarmiya10Islamic militants storm a house and kill a woman.
2016.04.02SyriaAleppo15A child is disassembled by a Sunni mortar shell.
2016.04.02SyriaRaqqa10Caliphate members murder a man in front of his family and hang from a traffic light.
2016.04.02LibyaMaradah20Two guards at an oil field are murdered by ISIS.
2016.04.01SyriaPalmyra400A mass grave is discovered containing women and children among other victims of the Islamic State.
2016.04.01ThailandRaman21Runda Kumpulan Kecil Islamists spray a tea shop with bullets, killing two villagers.
2016.03.31NigeriaAbbi219Two siblings are hacked to death by Fulani mercenaries.
2016.03.31IraqMakhmour110Eleven Iraqis are take out by two suicide car bombers.
2016.03.31ThailandBangpu112A series of bomb attacks leaves a civilian dead and a dozen others wounded.
2016.03.31PakistanBattagram20Two employees at an Islamic seminary are shot to death on suspicion of sexual activity.
2016.03.31NigerDiffa63A half-dozen security personnel are ambushed and killed by a radical Islamist group.
2016.03.31IraqFallujah350Thirty-five civilians are executed by firing squad for attempting to flee the caliphate.
2016.03.31IraqMosul150Fifteen civilians are electrocuted by the Islamic State.
2016.03.31SomaliaGalkayo910Ten people are torn limb from limb by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.03.31IraqMakhmour41Four people are blown to bits by two suicide bombers.
2016.03.31IraqTarmiyah37Mujahideen set off a bomb near a popular market, successfully killing three passersby.
2016.03.31SyriaManbij20Fundamentalists stone a man and woman to death over suspected adultery.
2016.03.30ThailandPrado10A 40-year-old Buddhist man is gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
2016.03.30DagestanSirtych10A suicide bomber kills one other person.
2016.03.30AfghanistanZabul21Suspected Taliban bombers exterminate two young children.
2016.03.30SomaliaMogadishu66Six people are killed in a drive-by shooting by al-Qaeda linked militants.
2016.03.29SyriaDeir Ezzor10A boy is shot to death for helping his sister-in-law escape the caliphate.
2016.03.29IraqSalahudin110Eleven members of a single family are murdered in their own home by Mujahideen.
2016.03.29DagestanMakhachkala12ISIS claims responsibility for a car bomb attack that leaves one dead.
2016.03.29SyriaManbij10A young woman is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.03.29IraqBaghdad723A Shahid suicide bomber detonates amid a group of civilians, laying out seven.
2016.03.29AfghanistanKabul23A bomb planted by Sunni fundamentalists takes out a woman and teenager.
2016.03.29ThailandRa-Ngae39Islamist 'rebels' ambush a police convoy, killing three members.
2016.03.28AfghanistanKabul10Islamists fire rockets at the parliament building, killing a guard.
2016.03.28IraqMosul30Three Kurdish captives are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.03.28IraqMosul150Fifteen civilians are rounded up and executed by caliphate members.
2016.03.27ThailandYarang20Two guards at a flea market are sprayed point-blank with machine-gun fire.
2016.03.27PakistanLahore78362A massive suicide blast targeting Christian families celebrating Easter leaves over seventy dead, half of whom were children.
2016.03.27IraqBaghdad29Jihadists bomb a vegetable market, killing two patrons.
2016.03.26NigeriaTumpun40Boko Haram gunmen open fire on a group of villagers, killing four.
2016.03.26SyriaAleppo520Five civilians lose their lives when Sunni extremists pour rockets into a neighborhood.
2016.03.26IraqEin al-Asad34A group of suicide bombers attack an air base, killing three local defenders.
2016.03.26PakistanLwargi10A polio worker is gunned down inside his clinic by Lashkar-e-Islam.
2016.03.25IraqIskandariyah41105Forty-one innocents are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber at a soccer game.
2016.03.25LibyaZaria20A suspected ISIS bomb blast takes out a woman and her infant son.
2016.03.25YemenAden2515Three al-Qaeda suicide bombings leave twenty-five dead.
2016.03.25SyriaJarablus20Two teenagers are chained, blindfolded and shot to death by a Sharia court.
2016.03.24PakistanHayatabad10A university professor is shot to death by fundamentalists.
2016.03.24PakistanDera Ismail Khan20Muslim extremists gun down two police officers.
2016.03.24ScotlandGlasgow10An Ahmadi minority is stabbed to death by a radical Muslim over his religious beliefs.
2016.03.24AfghanistanArghandab70Three Taliban in police uniform sprays seven sleeping officers with machine-gun fire.
2016.03.23SyriaFoua23Ahrar al-Sham snipers pick off two civilians.
2016.03.23IraqBaghdad26Two people outside a shop are sent to the hereafter by Jihadi bombers.
2016.03.23IraqZkhaikha613A suicide car bomber lays out a half-dozen Iraqis.
2016.03.22BangladeshKurigram10A Christian convert is stabbed to death by Religion of Peace proponents.
2016.03.22BelgiumBrussels1492Fourteen people are murdered when two suicide bombers detonate nail-packed explosives at crowded airline counters.
2016.03.22BelgiumBrussels21130A Religion of Peace suicide blast on a subway train incinerates twenty-one commuters.
2016.03.22IraqTarmiya37A Mujahid bomb blast claims three lives.
2016.03.21SomaliaLaantu Buur60Six local soldiers are ambushed and killed by an Islamist group.
2016.03.21Iraqal-Baghdadi69An ISIS attack that began with five suicide bombings manages to kill six Iraqis.
2016.03.21IraqMakhmour20Two others are taken out by a series of suicide bombers.
2016.03.21IraqAnbar300A British suicide bomber is said to be responsible for a blast that kills thirty Iraqis.
2016.03.21YemenTaiz13Shiite snipers fire on a group of journalists, bringing down one.
2016.03.21EgyptCairo40Four Bible translators for Wycliffe are brutally slain in their office at an undisclosed location in the Middle East.
2016.03.20IraqHaqlaniyah2412A wave of Shahid suicide bombers kill two dozen Iraqis.
2016.03.19TurkeyIstanbul439An ISIS suicide bomber murders four people along a city street, including two American tourists.
2016.03.19IraqMosul700A mass grave is discovered containing the remains of seventy female Yazidi victims of ISIS torture and execution.
2016.03.19SomaliaAfmadhow25An al-Shabaab attack leaves two others dead.
2016.03.19Egyptal-Arish150ISIS claims to have detonated a suicide car bomb that leaves fifteen others dead.
2016.03.19IraqKirkuk20Two more children die from the effects of an ISIS mustard gas attack.
2016.03.18SyriaAleppo16A Sunni rocket sends a woman to the morgue.
2016.03.18AfghanistanSeori Tapi21A Taliban landmine takes out two people, including a child.
2016.03.18IraqMosul10A gentleman's head is removed by the Islamic State.
2016.03.18SyriaAleppo23Two children, a boy and a girl, are reduced to pulp by a series of Sunni rockets on their neighborhood.
2016.03.18PakistanSherabad20A young couple is shot to death by a conservative family member on suspicion of adultery.
2016.03.18NigeriaBori53A young girl is among five villagers murdered by Boko Haram.
2016.03.17PakistanSmagal40A woman and her child are among four souls obliterated by a suicide bomber.
2016.03.17NigerDolbel33Three guards at a market are shot to death point blank by Jihadis.
2016.03.17NigerDiffa12Four suicide bombers manage to kill one other person.
2016.03.17IraqHamidat10Radicals put a rival imam against a wall and shoot him to death.
2016.03.17ThailandPattani10A 53-year-old guard at a school is shot to death by Muslim militants.
2016.03.17IraqFallujah60Six men are executed in barbaric fashion by the Islamic State, including one whose head is blown off with explosives.
2016.03.17PhilippinesSarangani10A 43-year-old man is beheaded by a pro-caliphate group.
2016.03.17EgyptRafah510Five are killed when religious extremists attack a local military base.
2016.03.16PakistanPeshawar1530Fifteen people are torn to shreds when Lashkar-e-Islam bomb a bus carrying commuters.
2016.03.16NigeriaMaiduguri1835Two female suicide bombers slaughter two dozen worshippers at a rival mosque.
2016.03.15IraqQwar917An ISIS chlorine gas attack kills nine Kurds.
2016.03.15AfghanistanHajiabad40Women and children are among four civilians exterminated by Taliban bombers.
2016.03.15PhilippinesPatikul20Abu Sayyaf members ambush and kill two local soldiers.
2016.03.15AfghanistanLaghman11Sharia state proponents ambush and kill an off-duty police officer.
2016.03.15ThailandPattani10Suspected terrorists shoot a young woman twice in the head at a market.
2016.03.15SyriaSafafa680Sixty-eight people imprisoned by the Islamic State are executed to 'reduce expenses'.
2016.03.14AfghanistanKandahar10A woman is shot to death by the Taliban.
2016.03.14NigeriaChul37Three civilians are taken out by a Boko Haram bomb blast.
2016.03.14NigeriaHuyum11Islamic gunmen kill a woman and shoot a child in the leg.
2016.03.14Egyptal-Arish20Two Egyptians are picked off by fundamentalist snipers.
2016.03.14IraqZankurah2216Twenty-two Iraqis are killed during an assault by the Islamic State.
2016.03.14CanadaToronto, ON02A man stabs two soldiers at a recruiting center, saying that he was just following Allah's instructions.
2016.03.14SyriaBusayrah10A young man is shot in the head for 'mocking religion'.
2016.03.14BangladeshJhenaidah10Radical Muslims assassinate a 'polytheist apostate' (i.e. Shia cleric).
2016.03.14IraqRamadi2520ISIS suicide bombers massacre over two dozen in attacks on two villages.
2016.03.14IraqMosul60Six young people are rounded up and executed by the caliphate.
2016.03.13IraqTal Kasab822Suicide bomb attacks leave eight dead.
2016.03.13IraqSinjar711ISIS pour shells into a Yazidi village, killing seven residents.
2016.03.13AfghanistanYengi Qala20A young couple is murdered over suspected sexual activity.
2016.03.13Ivory CoastBassam1817al-Qaeda gunmen assault a hotel and murder anyone refusing to praise Allah with them. The eighteen killed include a 5-year-old Christian who was cut down while praying.
2016.03.12IraqMahmoudiyah27Mujahid bombers kill two patrons at a market.
2016.03.12IraqMunsiyah70Three women are among seven people murdered in their home by sectarian militia.
2016.03.12AfghanistanKhanashin13A child is disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2016.03.11IngushetiaNazran04'Problems in the religious sphere' result in a car bomb blast outside a mosque.
2016.03.11PakistanKohistan20A couple is shot to death for 'illicit relations'.
2016.03.11IraqSheikhan112Two ISIS rockets claim the lives of eleven Iraqis.
2016.03.11IraqSinjar53Five Kurds are laid out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.03.10NigeriaTarka30Fulani mercenaries kill three villagers and burn their homes.
2016.03.10SyriaWilayat al-Khayr10A man is forced by ISIS to climb a radio tower, from which he is shot off.
2016.03.10SyriaWilayat al-Khayr20The Islamic State executes two terrified men by blowing them up.
2016.03.10LibyaMisrata30Three police are killed when ISIS members attack a checkpoint.
2016.03.10IraqMosul30Three Kurds are beheaded by caliphate members.
2016.03.10SyriaDeir Ezzor20A poet and his son are murdered by the Islamic State.
2016.03.09IraqTaza11500A 3-year-old girl dies from an ISIS chemical attack that left hundreds injured.
2016.03.09ThailandNarathiwat23Muslim terrorists murder two members of a guard patrol for teachers.
2016.03.09NigeriaBenue80Fulani mercenaries invade four villages in the middle of the night, shooting at least eight residents to death.
2016.03.09AfghanistanGereshk430A Taliban suicide assault on a government building leaves four guards dead.
2016.03.09SomaliaMogadishu42Four people bleed out following a suicide car bombing outside a café.
2016.03.09IraqHusseiniya16Terrorists place a bomb under a bus that kills a passenger.
2016.03.08UruguayPaysandu10A Jewish man is stabbed to death by a Muslim convert 'following Allah's order'…
2016.03.08Iraqal-Hadar40Four sex slaves are executed for trying to escape captivity in the caliphate.
2016.03.08IsraelJaffa115Palestinians stab an American tourist to death.
2016.03.08AfghanistanMaiwand20Two men clearing landmines are executed by suspected fundamentalists.
2016.03.08SyriaAleppo10Devout Muslims implement the 'Rule of Allah' by shooting an 'apostate' in the head.
2016.03.08ThailandTak Bai10A Muslim 'insurgent' walks up to a man in a crowd and fires a bullet into the back of his head.
2016.03.08IraqFallujah500Fifty civilians are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.03.08IraqBaghdad37Three people are left dead following a Mujahideen bombing.
2016.03.08ThailandSi Sakhon10A man on a motorcycle is ambushed and killed by Muslim terrorists.
2016.03.08TurkeyKilis21A 4-year-old and his mother die when Sunni extremists hit their car with a rocket.
2016.03.07PakistanOrangi Town20A young couple is shot to death by conservative relatives for marrying of their own free will.
2016.03.07IraqAbu Ghraib37Three people at a market are sectionalized by a Jihadi bomb blast.
2016.03.07AfghanistanShindand33Three civilians are blown to bits by a Taliban bomb blast.
2016.03.07Egyptal-Arish20Two local cops are pulled into pieces by Muslim bombers.
2016.03.07SyriaHasakah13A woman loses her life to an ISIS explosive device.
2016.03.07ChechnyaGrozny10Video surfaces showing religious radicals executing a man with a shot to the head.
2016.03.07TunisiaBen Guerdane1917A 12-year-old girl is among nineteen others who lose their lives during an Islamist assault on a small town.
2016.03.07SomaliaBeledweyne06A bomb hidden in a laptop detonates at an airport.
2016.03.07PakistanShabqadar1730A Jamatul Ahrar suicide bomber murders seventeen people at a courthouse, including two children.
2016.03.07IraqKirkuk50Five young people are torn to shreds by an ISIS bomb blast.
2016.03.06IraqHillah6195At least sixty people are incinerated when a suicide bomber in a fuel tanker detonates outside a town.
2016.03.06SyriaAleppo1440Jaish-al-Sunna terrorists send mortars and rockets into a busy market, massacring over a dozen shoppers.
2016.03.06EgyptSheikh Zuweid30Fundamentalists ambush an ambulance and machine-gun a medic and two injured patients.
2016.03.06Iraqal-Jahash120A dozen people are executed by a Sharia court.
2016.03.05SyriaJarablus10A teen is beheaded for apostasy after missing Friday prayers.
2016.03.05YemenAden20Sectarian terrorists fire on a vehicle, killing two occupants.
2016.03.05IraqMosul1320One-hundred and thirty-two people are executed by Sharia courts.
2016.03.04YemenAden160Militant Muslims storm a Catholic retirement home and murder sixteen, including four nuns and the elderly residents.
2016.03.03IraqAbu Ghraib210Two civilians are killed when terrorists sent mortar shells into a market.
2016.03.03SyriaKafriya13Sunni militants machine-gun a civilian in his home.
2016.03.03LibyaSurman20Two Italian hostages are killed while being used as human shields by ISIS.
2016.03.03ThailandYala10Militant Muslims shoot a rubber tapper to death, then set his body on fire.
2016.03.02IraqHawija60Six people are beheaded and crucified by the Islamic State.
2016.03.02IraqNineveh50A 12-year-old girl is forced by the caliphate to execute five women, including a doctor.
2016.03.02SyriaQuneitra1830Two suicide bombers massacre eighteen bystanders.
2016.03.02EgyptKhariza13An Islamist bomb claims one life.
2016.03.02AfghanistanJalalabad219Four suicide bombers target the Indian consulate, killing two civilians.
2016.03.01PakistanNoorshah20Two women are murdered over 'doubts about their character and lifestyles'.
2016.03.01PakistanPeshawar24Two employees at the US consulate bleed to death following an Islamist bombing.
2016.03.01AfghanistanPul-e-Khumri32Religious extremists hit a house with a rocket, killing three family members.
2016.03.01SomaliaAlamada58An al-Shabaab bomb produces five dead bodies.
2016.03.01Egyptal-Arish20Fundamentalists behead a man and shoot his son to death.
2016.03.01IraqHaditha88Eight Iraqis are blown up by four Fedayeen suicide bombers.
2016.03.01PhilippinesZamboanga20An assassination attempt on an anti-ISIS preacher outside a university hall leaves two dead.
2016.03.01PhilippinesDatu Salibo12Bangsamoro Islamists kill one other person during an ambush.
2016.03.01PakistanSheikhupura10An Ahmadi religious minority is stabbed to death for his faith.
2016.02.29RussiaMoscow10A woman beheads a child, saying that it was revenge for 'spilled Muslim blood' in Syria.
2016.02.29AfghanistanFarah33Three children are disassembled by a Taliban IED.
2016.02.29AfghanistanUruzgan43Four locals are shot to death by the Taliban
2016.02.29IraqMosul240Two dozen Iraqis are rounded up and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.02.29IraqMosul20Two religious clerics are murdered by their more radical brethren
2016.02.29IraqMuqdadiya4058A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at a funeral, sending at least forty mourners straight into their own afterlife.
2016.02.29IraqHawija30Three youth are beheaded for putting up anti-ISIS posters.
2016.02.29YemenAden45A Shahid suicide bomber snuffs out four other souls.
2016.02.29DRCNtombi130Four women are among thirteen villagers found hacked to pieces by ADF Islamists.
2016.02.29NigeriaBadarawa1522Suspected Boko Haram surround a group of villagers gathered to watch a video and pour machine gun fire into them, killing at least fifteen.
2016.02.29SyriaDeir ez-Zor30Three men are crucified by a Sharia court for crimes against Allah.
2016.02.28IraqAbu Ghraib2422Two dozen Iraqis are shot or blown apart during a Fedayeen suicide attack by ISIS.
2016.02.28IraqBaghdad78112Seventy-eight people at a packed market in a Shiite area are exterminated by two Sunni suicide bombers.
2016.02.28Egyptal-Arish10A man is shot to death in front of his home by the Islamic State.
2016.02.28SomaliaBaidoa3060At least thirty civilians and first responders are slaughtered by a twin suicide attack near a restaurant.
2016.02.28AfghanistanQads10A tribal elder is tortured to death by religious extremists.
2016.02.28AfghanistanLashkar Gah311Three souls are snuffed out by an explosive device planted by Sharia proponents.
2016.02.28Saudi ArabiaQassim10A local cop is murdered by family members, who then pledge allegiance to ISIS.
2016.02.27PakistanQayum12A Muslim shouts a religious slur and fires into a Christian home, killing a 17-year-old boy.
2016.02.27AfghanistanBolan20The Taliban wipe out two local police with a roadside bomb.
2016.02.27EgyptRafah22Two local security personnel are cut down by an Islamist bomb.
2016.02.27IraqAbu Ghraib29Jihadis bomb an outdoor market, killing two patrons.
2016.02.27IraqBaghdad525A series of Mujahideen blasts leave five dead.
2016.02.27SyriaAjila24A suicide car bomber takes out two village guards.
2016.02.27AfghanistanAsadabad1240A dozen people lose their lives to a suicide blast along a city street, including three brothers.
2016.02.27AfghanistanNangarhar15Taliban bombers take out a civilian.
2016.02.27SyriaSalamiya23An ISIS suicide bomber takes at least two others with him.
2016.02.27AfghanistanKabul1531A suicide bomber targets a bus, killing fifteen passengers and bystanders.
2016.02.27SyriaTeeba44Four villagers lose their lives to an Islamic State suicide bomber.
2016.02.27SyriaDeir Ezzor312Three children are disassembled by Sunni mortars.
2016.02.26SomaliaMogadishu1430Holy Warriors attack a 'Youth League' hotel with bombs and gunfire, laying out fourteen innocents.
2016.02.26Syriaal-Zahra10A child is killed by Jabhat al-Nusra.
2016.02.26EgyptGiza11Fundamentalists open fire on two traffic cops, killing one.
2016.02.26GermanyHanover01A 'radicalized' teen girl stabs a female police officer.
2016.02.25SomaliaMogadishu48Four civilians lose their lives to an al-Shabaab attack.
2016.02.25IraqBaghdad1550Two Sunni suicide bombers detonate at a Shiite mosque, slaughtering at least fifteen worshippers.
2016.02.24LibyaSabratha120A dozen local security agents are captured and beheaded by ISIS.
2016.02.24MaliTimbuktu32Islamists attack a checkpoint, killing three defenders.
2016.02.24AfghanistanKabul70The Taliban kill seven Afghans over a 24-hour period.
2016.02.24SyriaDayr al-Zawr214Sunni rockets take out two civilians.
2016.02.24SyriaAleppo105Seven children are among ten civilians disassembled by two Sunni mortar rounds.
2016.02.24IraqMosul10An imam is beheaded by Religion of Peace rivals.
2016.02.24NigeriaAgatu3000Radical Islamic mercenaries sweep through a series of Christian villages and slaughter over three hundred, including pregnant women and children.
2016.02.23IraqFallujah120A dozen Iraqis are caught trying to flee the caliphate, marched to the city center and executed.
2016.02.23SyriaHamidiya20Two teenage girls are stoned for adultery.
2016.02.23IraqHawija40Four young people are executed by ISIS after members call for 'repentance'.
2016.02.23SyriaDeir Ezzor214Two civilians are pulled apart by a Sunni mortar blast.
2016.02.23IraqYusufiya19Terrorists bomb a vegetable market, killing one person.
2016.02.23SyriaRaqqa10Radicals execute a man for 'apostasy'.
2016.02.22PhilippinesTugaya10Muslim terrorists murder a local soldier guarding a village
2016.02.22IraqRamadi80Eight people are killed in their own homes by ISIS booby-traps.
2016.02.22IndiaPompore30Three more people are killed by Lashkar-e-Toiba.
2016.02.22IraqRamadi610An ISIS assault leaves six town defenders dead.
2016.02.22AfghanistanJabba22Religious fundamentalists murder two local cops.
2016.02.22AfghanistanParwan1319A suicide bomber detonates near a clinic, taking thirteen other souls with him.
2016.02.22AfghanistanBaghlan12A Taliban rocket takes out an Afghan citizen.
2016.02.21ThailandPattani20'Insurgents' shoot a Buddhist couple to death.
2016.02.21SyriaZahra59200A double-bombing by ISIS along a commerical strip leaves nearly sixty dead and two-hundred burned and battered.
2016.02.21SyriaDamascus83178Children are among the eighty-three destroyed by a horrific suicide bombing outside a Shiite shrine and school.
2016.02.21PhilippinesButig36Moro Islamists fire on a group of soldiers guarding a town, killing three.
2016.02.21IndiaPulwama310Islamic militants open fire on a bus, killing three passengers.
2016.02.21BangladeshDeviganj12A Hindu priest is hacked to death and beheaded by Muslim extremists outside his temple.
2016.02.21IraqKirkuk20Two more people are publicly beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.02.21PakistanNavi Mandi31Four displaced persons are disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2016.02.21IraqKirkuk42ISIS members target fleeing families, killing four members.
2016.02.21Egyptal-Arish210Two civilians are taken out by an Islamist IED.
2016.02.20YemenAhwar30An al-Qaeda attack on a small town leaves three defenders dead.
2016.02.20YemenAden20Two people are gunned down by al-Qaeda operatives on a motorcycle.
2016.02.19PakistanFaisalabad30Three policemen are shot to death for "protecting the unIslamic system of democracy."
2016.02.19EgyptSinai10ISIS beheads a hostage taken in a tourist province.
2016.02.19CameroonMeme24112Four Shahid suicide bombers massacre twenty-four others at a market and a nearby school.
2016.02.19MaliMenaka11Jihadists fire into a group of village guards, killing one.
2016.02.19IraqHardan99ISIS bombs targeting a bus kill nine Kurds.
2016.02.19AfghanistanLandi Kotal10A religious scholar is assassinated by rivals.
2016.02.18IraqHawija170Seventeen young people are beheaded after being accused of drawing anti-ISIS banners.
2016.02.18IsraelShaare Benjamin11A 21-year-old father is stabbed to death in a supermarket by Palestinians.
2016.02.18SyriaAleppo45Four civilians lose their lives to Sunni mortar shells on their neighborhood.
2016.02.18IraqMosul30Three women who formerly served as election workers are forced to their knees and shot in the back of the head by caliphate members.
2016.02.18PakistanMohmand90Religious radicals murder nine local security personnel in two attacks.
2016.02.18AfghanistanWaskhwa60Four children are among a family of six eliminated by Taliban bombers.
2016.02.18SyriaPalmyra20Two young men are detained and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.02.18SyriaKobane1324Over a dozen people lose their lives during an ISIS bomb attack on several villages.
2016.02.18EnglandRochdale10A popular imam is beaten to death by Muslims with terror ties.
2016.02.18SyriaAleppo10A priest is reportedly beheaded for offering prayers at the altar of his church.
2016.02.17EgyptGiza12Islamists gun down a traffic cop.
2016.02.17IraqNineveh30Three civilians are executed for refusing to join the Islamic State.
2016.02.17ThailandNarathiwat11Bombers target a group of teachers, killing a guard.
2016.02.17YemenAden1360Thirteen recruits at a military camp are wiped out by a Fedayeen suicide bombing.
2016.02.16IraqMosul10A 15-year-old is beheaded for listening to Western pop music.
2016.02.16IraqRamadi400Children are among forty victims of ISIS execution found in a mass grave.
2016.02.16PhilippinesDatu Salibo42A father and son are among four people bleeding to death in the aftermath of an Islamist roadside blast.
2016.02.15IraqNineveh10A man is beheaded for 'insulting Allah'.
2016.02.15IraqTarmiya38Three patrons at a popular market are sectionalized by a Jihadi bomb blast.
2016.02.15IraqHawija50Five civilians are executed for trying to escape the caliphate.
2016.02.15AfghanistanJalalabad10Radicals are suspected of gunning down a rival religious scholar.
2016.02.15NigeriaKuda620Boko Haram invade a village and fire at fleeing residents, killing six.
2016.02.15SomaliaMogadishu11A government official is assassinated by Jihadi car bombers.
2016.02.15AfghanistanPul-e-Momin27Armed fundamentalists attack a security post, killing two members.
2016.02.15DagestanMakhachkala32Fedayeen suicide bombers take out three other people.
2016.02.15Saudi ArabiaAbu Arish10A retired man is shot to death on his farm by the Islamic State.
2016.02.14IraqMosul20Two young men are shot to death for 'apostasy' after missing prayers.
2016.02.14IraqFaisaliah80The Islamic State drowns eight prisoners by herding them into a metal cage and then dipping it into a lake.
2016.02.14NigeriaAbbi219Fulani terrorists attack a Christian community and hack a brother and sister to death.
2016.02.14SyriaMrat1000A mass grave containing the victims of about 100 ISIS victims (including children) is discovered.
2016.02.14IndiaChowkibal22Two members are killed when Lashkar-e-Toiba militants open fire on a security patrol.
2016.02.13NigeriaYakshari220Islamists sneak into a village and slit the throats of twenty-two innocents.
2016.02.13ThailandNarathiwat10A truck driver is executed in cold blood by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2016.02.13EgyptSinai21An ISIS bomb kills two sappers.
2016.02.13IraqTarmiya55A vicious double-bombing kills five people overall, including first responders.
2016.02.13IraqMahmoudiya27Mujahideen set off a bomb at a market, killing two patrons.
2016.02.13AfghanistanHelmand57Five Afghans are left dead following a double-suicide attack.
2016.02.13PakistanIslamabad12A traffic cop is picked off by Islamic State gunmen.
2016.02.13SyriaSfeira25Two children are disassembled by an ISIS rocket.
2016.02.12MaliKidal530Ansar Dine members lob shells into a UN camp, killing five guards.
2016.02.12IraqMakhmour111A 3-year-old girl is killed while trying to escape the caliphate with her family.
2016.02.12NigeriaKachifa80Boko Haram murder eight villagers and kidnap a number of women and children.
2016.02.12YemenAden50al-Qaeda gunmen sneak up on a police post and murder five officers.
2016.02.12ThailandYala11Muslim bombers pick off a guard for a group of teachers.
2016.02.12PakistanTakht-e-Nusrati12A dispute between clerics at a mosque is settled with gunfire that leaves one of them dead.
2016.02.11USAColumbus, OH04Four people at a Christian-owned restaurant with an Israeli flag are slashed by a Muslim wielding a machete yelling 'Allah Akbar'…
2016.02.11IraqMosul40Four women are stoned to death for adultery - after having been raped.
2016.02.11MaliMopti30Islamic militants shoot three people to death.
2016.02.11YemenAden30Jihadists kill three security personnel.
2016.02.10IraqWafa25At least two others are killed during a Shahid sucide attack.
2016.02.10IraqTaji39Three Iraqis are disintegrated by a shrapnel blast.
2016.02.10AfghanistanAbdul Rauf57Two religious radicals gun down five local cops at dinner.
2016.02.10CameroonNguetchewe630Two female suicide bombers detonate during a funeral wake, killing six mourners, including two children.
2016.02.10NigeriaDikwa6078Sixty refugees at a displaced persons camp, including women and children, are massacred by two female suicide bombers.
2016.02.10SomaliaJameo Mubarac10A cleric is beheaded by Religion of Peace rivals.
2016.02.09IraqMosul10A female bank employee is put against a wall and shot to death by caliphate members.
2016.02.09IraqMosul10A journalist is executed by a caliphate firing squad for taking pictures.
2016.02.09EgyptSinai13Fundementalists fire on a group of police, killing one.
2016.02.09SyriaDamascus820A Fedayeen suicide car bomber sends eight civilians straight to Allah.
2016.02.08SyriaHasakah94Nine corpses are counted after an ISIS Shahid suicide bombing.
2016.02.08AfghanistanYahyakhil69Six people are massacred by a suicide bomber outside a bakery shop.
2016.02.08AfghanistanDehdadi314A suicide bomber attacks a bus, killing at least three others.
2016.02.08IraqAlbu Diab150Victim victims of ISIS execution are discovered in a mass grave.
2016.02.08IraqMosul3000At least three-hundred people are reported executed by the Islamic State, including activists.
2016.02.08PakistanHavid20A terrorist bomb blast outside a shop leaves the owner and a rickshaw driver dead.
2016.02.08PakistanPeshawar11A Shiite elder is shot to death in front of his son by sectarian Jihadis.
2016.02.08BangladeshGobindaganj10Police find the beheaded body of a Hindu trader.
2016.02.08IraqMosul40Four youth are flung from a roof by caliphate enforcers.
2016.02.08IraqHammam al-Alil140Fourteen people are summarily executed by ISIS at a college.
2016.02.07IraqBaghdad722Mujahid bombers eliminate seven Iraqis with four bombs.
2016.02.07IraqBaghdad30A sectarian militia murders three civilians, including an 8-year-old boy.
2016.02.07AfghanistanKunar30Three polio workers are found murdered by suspected fundamentalists.
2016.02.07MaliBoni10A civilian is murdered by Islamists.
2016.02.07AfghanistanLogar18Taliban bombers pick off a man on his way to work.
2016.02.07IsraelRahat01An elderly Jewish woman is stabbed in the neck by a young Palestinian man.
2016.02.06PakistanQuetta1035A child and woman are obliterated along with eight others by a suicide bomber.
2016.02.06IraqBaghdadi916A Fedayeen suicide attack leaves nine others dead.
2016.02.06IraqFallujah140A suicide bomber murders fourteen Iraqis.
2016.02.06NigeriaKonduga40Boko Haram rampage through two villages, burning homes and killing four innocents.
2016.02.06NigeriaZamfara2310Boko Haram stages a two-hour assault on a village, firing indiscriminately and killing dozens of people.
2016.02.05AfghanistanZanu10A woman is executed after being accused of adultery.
2016.02.05SomaliaMogadishu30A woman is among three people incinerated by a car bombing outside a pharmacy.
2016.02.05SyriaAleppo3524Thirty-five Syrians are reportedly killed in two ISIS suicide car bombings.
2016.02.04IraqBaghdad933Nine people are left dead after a string of bombings by Muslim terrorists.
2016.02.04MaliTimbuktu13A suicide bombing at a UN camp kills a guard.
2016.02.04SyriaRaqqa10A child invokes the name of Allah before beheading a 'kafir'.
2016.02.04YemenHadramaut60An ISIS video shows members opening fire on a busy market and beheading four 'apostates.'
2016.02.03LibyaBenghazi313An ISIS assault on a small town leaves three defenders dead.
2016.02.03IraqMosul120A dozen university students are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.02.03AfghanistanTirin Kot10A 10-year-old boy is cut down in a targeted attack by Taliban gunmen.
2016.02.03IsraelJerusalem12A 19-year-old woman bleeds out following a Palestinian shooting and stabbing spree.
2016.02.03SyriaDaraa17101Seventeen civilians are smashed to bits by a Sunni rocket barrage.
2016.02.03IraqHawija20Two people are shot to death for trying to escape the caliphate.
2016.02.03IraqRamadi130ISIS shelling produces thirteen dead Iraqis.
2016.02.03LibyaSirte10Islamic State members capture and crucify a young man.
2016.02.02IraqMadain29Terrorists set off a bomb near a café, killing two bystanders.
2016.02.02NigeriaGoniambari61Islamists slaughter six villagers.
2016.02.02IraqAl-Bu Dhiaab180Eighteen Iraqis are reportedly slain by three ISIS suicide bombers.
2016.02.02ThailandNarathiwat11An off-duty cop is shot to death in front of his wife by Muslim 'insurgents.'
2016.02.02IraqBaghdad627A half-dozen Iraqis lose their lives to a series of Mujahideen bomb blasts.
2016.02.02SomaliaMogadishu02A suicide bomber detonates on a plane, but manages to kill only himself.
2016.02.01AfghanistanKabul2029Twenty people are reported dead in the aftermath of a Fedayeen suicide bombing.
2016.02.01IraqAnbar10An elderly man is beheaded for "disobeying" the caliphate.
2016.02.01SomaliaMogadishu16A child is sectionalized by an al-Shabaab mortar round.
2016.02.01SyriaManbij30Three brothers are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.02.01IraqHit75Children are among those eliminated by two Mujahideen bomb blasts.
2016.01.31EgyptSheikh Zuwaid20Two more people are killed by Islamist bombers.
2016.01.31IraqKhazir86An ISIS attack produces eight dead Kurds.
2016.01.31IraqMosul40Four Kurdish civilians are forced to their knees and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.01.31KenyaKaisari41Militant Muslims raid a Christian village and kill four innocents, one of whom is beheaded and the other burned inside his home.
2016.01.31SyriaSayeda Zeinab71110Five children are among seventy Shiite worshippers exterminated outside their mosque by two Fedayeen suicide bombers.
2016.01.31EgyptRafah24Two more security personnel are killed by a homemade bomb planted by Sharia proponents.
2016.01.31Saudi ArabiaNajran19An 11-year-old boy is killed when suspected Shiite militia hit his house with a rocket.
2016.01.31ChadGuie132A suicide bomber on a motorcycle kills one other person.
2016.01.31ChadMiterine424Four children playing soccer are killed after being deliberately targeted by two suicide bombers.
2016.01.31Saudi ArabiaQatif20Two guards are killed by terrorists.
2016.01.31YemenAden10A cleric who opposed extremism is tortured to death.
2016.01.30KenyaPandanguo31Islamists murder three men in a fishing village.
2016.01.30AfghanistanSarkanu43A bomb planted by Islamists takes the lives of four people.
2016.01.30NigeriaDalori8662Children are among eighty-six souls horribly burned to death by Boko Haram.
2016.01.30YemenLahj31An ISIS gunmen takes down three targets.
2016.01.30AfghanistanSarkano32The Taliban uses a roadside bomb to kill three Afghans.
2016.01.30IraqSaladin10A Shiite is beheaded on video by Sunni radicals.
2016.01.30SyriaJarablus10A 14-year-old boy is beheaded on charges of apostasy after missing prayers.
2016.01.30IraqHadher170Seventeen members of two families, including woman and young children, are beheaded by caliphate members.
2016.01.30IraqShirqat30Three children are reportedly executed for insulting ISIS.
2016.01.29YemenAden77Seven people are shredded by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.01.29SyriaDeir Ezzor33Three children are disassembled by an ISIS rocket.
2016.01.29NigeriaAdamawa1028A young suicide bomber detonates at a busy market near a church, taking out ten innocents.
2016.01.29PakistanRegi10A polio worker is murdered by fundamentalists.
2016.01.29AfghanistanNangarhar10A journalist is shot to death by ISIS.
2016.01.29Saudi ArabiaMahasen536Religion of Peace rivals attack a Shiite mosque with a suicide bombing and gunfire, killing five worshippers.
2016.01.29Egyptal-Arish27An bomb planted by extremists near a school leaves two dead.
2016.01.28IraqBaghdad29Jihadis bomb a popular market, killing two patrons.
2016.01.28EgyptRafah612Four children and two security personnel are killed in a bombing and clash with Islamic militants.
2016.01.28PakistanQuetta40The Taliban gun down four traffic cops.
2016.01.28CameroonKerawa412Two suicide bombers murder four people at a school.
2016.01.28MaliGao43Four security personnel are killed in two separate attacks.
2016.01.28YemenAden1110A Fedayeen suicide car bombing kills eleven, including two children.
2016.01.27NigeriaChibok1632Suicide bombers send shrapnel through sixteen innocents at a vegetable market in a Christian town.
2016.01.27Iraqal-Baghdadi410A series of suicide attacks on a guesthouse leave four others dead.
2016.01.27Egyptal-Arish412Ansar Beit al-Maqdis members set off an IED that takes the live of four policemen.
2016.01.27AfghanistanGerishk40Four members of a crew working to clear landmines are shot dead by the Taliban.
2016.01.27UgandaNumuseru10A Christian convert is murdered after being threatened by an imam.
2016.01.27SwedenTanum10A 60-year-old man is stabbed to death by one of his employees after being accused of 'Islamophobia'…
2016.01.26IraqHamamiyat28Mujahideen set off a bomb that claims two lives.
2016.01.26KenyaLamu52al-Shabaab ambush and murder five local cops.
2016.01.26PakistanSafi10The body of a peace committee member is found a few days after his abduction by fundamentalists.
2016.01.26SyriaManbij10A local media activist is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.01.26IraqRamadi550Over fifty Iraqis are reportedly killed in two suicide bombings.
2016.01.26SyriaHoms25100Twenty-five people are laid out by an ISIS suicide bombing in a commercial district.
2016.01.26AfghanistanChinarto100A Taliban infiltrator drugs and murders ten local cops.
2016.01.25IraqRamadi400About forty victims of ISIS executions are found in a mass grave.
2016.01.25SyriaRaqqa10A man is beheaded for refusing to pray at the local mosque.
2016.01.25SyriaAleppo2324Two dozen people are blown up by a suicide bomber in a fuel truck.
2016.01.25IsraelBeit Horon11Two women are stabbed in a grocery by Palestinian terrorists.
2016.01.25AfghanistanSpin Boldak33Five suicide bombers manage to take out three border guards.
2016.01.25CameroonBodo3286Dozens of shoppers are torn to shreds when three suicide bombers detonate at entrances to a market.
2016.01.25SyriaDeir al-Zour56ISIS members kill five citizens with a rocket.
2016.01.24YemenMansura50A woman is among five people shot to death by suspected al-Qaeda.
2016.01.24EgyptKafr Keshk34Islamists fire on a group of villagers, killing three.
2016.01.24NigeriaBabangida10An elderly man is killed by Boko Haram as they are burning down his home.
2016.01.24SyriaQamishli310Three Christians are killed in a targeted bomb attack on their restaurant.
2016.01.24NigeriaGirei620Muslim terrorists raid six villages and slaughter over sixty innocents, most of which are women and children.
2016.01.23IraqFallujah100Ten young boys are summarily executed for attempting to escape the caliphate.
2016.01.23IraqTal Msheihda511Five Iraqis are taken out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.01.23IraqKilo430Fort-three local police officer are reportedly killed by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.01.23IraqHit10A civilian is murdered for trying to help families escape the Islamic State.
2016.01.23PakistanBhal Syeda10A Shiite is beheaded by radical Sunnis
2016.01.23PakistanPeshawar20Militants gun down two policemen.
2016.01.23AfghanistanJalalabad22Two others are killed when two suicide bombers detonate near the Indian consulate.
2016.01.23SyriaWafidin37Women and children are among the casualties of a Jaish al-Islam rocket attack.
2016.01.21Libyasirte30Three men are executed for apostasy.
2016.01.21IraqBaghdad26Two people lose their lives when terrorists set off a bomb at a popular restaurant.
2016.01.21IraqBaghdad25Jihadis bomb a commercial district, killing two bystanders.
2016.01.21IraqBaghdad415Three bombings and a shooting produce four dead civilians.
2016.01.21IraqHamamiyat37Mujahideen set off a bomb in a village that leaves three dead.
2016.01.21EgyptEl-Arish53Islamists roll up on a police checkpoint and shoot five officers point-blank.
2016.01.21EgyptGiza1013ISIS claims a bombing at a tourist area that leaves ten others dead.
2016.01.21SomaliaMogadishu2020Gunmen shout praises to Allah as they slaughter patrons at a beach-side restaurant during an attack that began with a suicide bombing.
2016.01.20IraqBaghdad25Jihadis bomb a market, killing two patrons.
2016.01.20AfghanistanKabul724Seven TV station employees burn to death after a Shahid suicide bomber slams into their minibus.
2016.01.20PakistanCharsadda3119Gunmen storm a university and shout praises to Allah while massacring over thirty civilians.
2016.01.19IraqBaqubah140Fourteen young people are tortured and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.01.19IraqMopti30Jihadists gun down three local cops.
2016.01.19ThailandSongkhla18Muslim 'insurgents' set off a bomb at a restaurant that kills a 28-year-old woman.
2016.01.19PakistanJamrud1239Twelve people at a market, including a child, are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.01.19SyriaRaqqa10A woman is stoned to death for adultery.
2016.01.18ThailandRaman20A married couple are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2016.01.18ThailandThepa17A woman is killed when suspected terrorists toss a hand grenade into a restaurant.
2016.01.18YemenAden10A judge is assassinated near his home by Islamists on a motorbike.
2016.01.18TurkeyKilis11An employee is killed when ISIS hits a school with a rocket.
2016.01.18CameroonNguetchewe42A suicide bomber hits a rival mosque, taking out four worshippers.
2016.01.17AfghanistanJalalabad1314A Shahid suicide bomber detonates at a house, killing thirteen occupants.
2016.01.17YemenAden1115A Fedayeen suicide bomber rams a bus into the home of a policeman, killing eleven.
2016.01.17AfghanistanUruzgan90Nine local police are shot dead by Taliban insiders.
2016.01.17IsraelOtniel10A mother of six children is stabbed to death in her home by an Arab terrorist.
2016.01.16Iraqal-Furat10An accused homosexual is flung from a roof by Religion of Peace proponents.
2016.01.16IraqHajj Ali190Nineteen civilians are executed for trying to flee the Islamic State.
2016.01.16SyriaBaghaliyeh300400Three hundred people are reported massacred during an ISIS assault on a small town featuring a suicide blast and 'door-to-door' beheadings.
2016.01.16SomaliaBurhakabo20A young ice factory worker is among two people executed by al-Shabaab.
2016.01.16SyriaAleppo455Four residents bleed out following a Sunni rocket attack.
2016.01.16Syriaal-Fu'ah15A civilian is dismantled by a terrorist rocket.
2016.01.16IraqMosul30Three women are burned alive on charges of betraying Islam.
2016.01.15MaliDioura10A guard is killed when gunmen attack a market, shouting praises to Allah.
2016.01.15LibyaBin Jawad30At least three residents are beheaded after Muslim extremists take over a town.
2016.01.15IraqMuqdadiya10A Sunni cleric is assassinated by Shia militia.
2016.01.15SomaliaEl-Adde18020Somalia claims over one-hundred-eighty peacekeepers were taken out by a massive suicide assault on their base.
2016.01.15MaliTimbuktu23Two guards are killed when terrorists ambush an aid convoy.
2016.01.15Burkina FasoOuagadougou2956Dozens of tourists from eighteen countries are massacred by Islamic extremists shouting praises to Allah at a luxury hotel.
2016.01.15SyriaHasakah26A suicide bomber takes out two bystanders in a residential neighborhood.
2016.01.15IraqMosul30Three women are burned alive by the Islamic State.
2016.01.14YemenAden40Four policemen are killed by Jihadists in two separate attacks.
2016.01.14IndonesiaJakarta420Four suicide bombers attack a shopping and restaurant district, managing to kill four civilians.
2016.01.13AfghanistanBadghis10A man is executed by the Taliban on charges of adultery.
2016.01.13IraqBaghdad26Two people at a market are sectionalized by a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
2016.01.13ThailandYala21Muslim 'insurgents' ambush and kill a local cop as well as a maid.
2016.01.13IraqAbu Ghraib60Five women and 1 man are slaughtered in their own home by suspected moral fundamentalists.
2016.01.13PakistanLahore11A 17-year-old girl is killed after telling a group of Muslim men that she would not have sex with them because she is a devout Christian.
2016.01.13CameroonKolofata1011Two female suicide bombers detonate at a rival mosque, taking out ten worshippers.
2016.01.13PakistanQuetta1524A Shahid suicide bomber slaughters fifteen people at a polio clinic.
2016.01.13PakistanJalalabad77Seven other people are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bombing.
2016.01.12IraqBaqubah41A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four Iraqis.
2016.01.12TurkeyIstanbul1214A Syrian 'refugee' with a suicide vest self-detonates in a bustling tourist area, slaughtering a dozen bystanders, including eight Germans.
2016.01.12IraqDiyala20Two journalists are shot to death by terrorists.
2016.01.12IraqMuqdadiya100Ten people are shot to death by sectarian militia.
2016.01.12IsraelNazareth10A man honor kills his teen sister over clothing and 'lifestyle' by beating her to death with a hammer.
2016.01.11PakistanDerai20Two local cops are shot to death by religious radicals.
2016.01.11PakistanRabwa10A religious minority is brutally slain by suspected Islamists.
2016.01.11IraqNineveh850Eighty-five Iraqis are arrested and executed by caliphate firing squads.
2016.01.11IraqMuqdadiya2351Two dozen Iraqis are torn limb from limb by a couple of well-placed bombs at a crowded coffee shop.
2016.01.11SyriaAleppo32Three children are disassembled by a Sunni rocket.
2016.01.11AfghanistanKhost38Fundamentalists fire a rocket into a secondary school, killing three pupils.
2016.01.11IraqBaghdad1850Religious radicals stage a suicide assault on a shopping mall, killing at least eighteen innocents with bombs and bullets.
2016.01.11FranceMarseille01A Jewish teacher is attacked with a machete 'in the name of Allah.'
2016.01.11IraqBaghdad715An ISIS bomb blast leaves seven suburbanites dead.
2016.01.11AfghanistanMirzakhil32The Taliban set off a bomb near a school, killing two bystanders.
2016.01.10SyriaFaisaliyah50The Islamic State lines up and crushes five civilians under a bulldozer for the crime of 'apostasy'
2016.01.10NigeriaMadagali70Seven villagers are beheaded by Sharia proponents.
2016.01.09PakistanRahim Yar Khan20Two women are 'honor-killed' by their families for alleged sexual behavior.
2016.01.09SyriaDeir ez-Zor20Two fathers are executed for not allowing their teen daughters to be married off to caliphate members.
2016.01.09EgyptGiza20Two local cops are gunned down by ISIS.
2016.01.09IraqGhazlani800Eighty Iraqi civilians are executed by an Islamic State firing squad.
2016.01.09IraqJbala32Sectarian militia storm a home and shoot three people to death, including a woman.
2016.01.08IraqHaditha187Eighteen Iraqis are blown to bits by a caliphate suicide bomber.
2016.01.08PakistanGulshan-e-noor10A 45-year-old man is murdered for no reason than his status as a Shiite.
2016.01.08LebanonArsal10Masked terrorists fire on a married couple, killing the man and injuring his wife.
2016.01.08IraqZummar163Well-placed ISIS shells kill sixteen Iraqis in a residential neighborhood.
2016.01.08IraqMosul30Three university students are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.01.08SyriaRaqqa10A woman is publicly executed her own son on charges of leaving the Islamic faith.
2016.01.08AfghanistanNangarhar70A local soldier is among seven people beheaded by ISIS.
2016.01.07BangladeshJhenaidah10A convert to Christianity is 'eliminated' by devout Muslims for leaving Islam.
2016.01.07LibyaRas711A Shahid suicide bomber at an oil facility takes seven others with him.
2016.01.07IraqMosul60Six Iraqis are shot to death by caliphate members for using the Internet on their phones.
2016.01.07PakistanShaktoi40Four displaced refugees are murdered by Taliban gunmen.
2016.01.07EgyptHurghada03Three tourists are among the casualties of a suicide attack on a hotel.
2016.01.07USAPhiladelphia, PA01A man shoots a police officer three times 'in the name of Islam'.
2016.01.07LibyaZliten65200A massive suicide truck bomb at a police training facility kills dozens of young recruits during their graduation ceremony.
2016.01.07SomaliaMogadishu11An al-Shabaab mortar leaves one civilian dead and another seriously wounded.
2016.01.07NigeriaMaiduguri10A displaced person is beheaded by suspected Boko Haram
2016.01.06IraqDawra27Two civilians are liquidated along a city street by Muslim bombers.
2016.01.06SyriaDamascus84Eight civilians bleed out following a Jaish al-Islam mortar hit on their neighborhood.
2016.01.06SyriaRaqqa10A35-year-old woman is put up against a wall and shot to death by ISIS.
2016.01.05SyriaManbij10A 21-year-old woman is tortured to death by a female fundamentalist for a dress code violation.
2016.01.05EgyptSinai40ISIS-linked terrorists fire a rocket that claims four lives.
2016.01.05AfghanistanSamangan10A peace activist is gunned down by suspected Taliban.
2016.01.05NigeriaIzgeki20Two people are riddled with bullets by Boko Haram on bicycles.
2016.01.05NigeriaBorno712A suicide bomber detonates at a market, slaughtering seven bystanders.
2016.01.05Libyaal-Sidra725Seven more oil port guards are killed during an attack by ISIS militants.
2016.01.05PakistanBahawalnagar10A 7-year-old Christian boy is kidnapped, raped and killed by 'influential' Muslims.
2016.01.04IraqHillah10Shiite radicals attack a Sunni mosque and kill a guard.
2016.01.04IraqIskandariya10A Sunni cleric is shot to death in a targeted attack by Shia rivals.
2016.01.04Libyaal-Sidra216Two others are killed by suicide car bombers at a oil port.
2016.01.04NigeriaUdeni Ruwa80At least eight others are killed when Muslim terrorists attack two villages.
2016.01.04AfghanistanDasht-e-Asfandi50Five Afghans are pulled from a bus and murdered by the Taliban.
2016.01.04AfghanistanKabul120One other person is killed by a Shahid suicide bomber at a hotel entrance.
2016.01.04YemenAden10A Sufi imam is assassinated by Sunni extremists while leaving his mosque.
2016.01.04IraqHaditha1130At least eleven Iraqis are laid out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.01.04NigeriaGwoza2610Over two dozen villagers are massacred by Islamists disguised as soldiers, who opened fire after luring the victims from their homes.
2016.01.04SyriaRaqqa10A man is beheaded by a Sharia court on charges of 'apostasy'.
2016.01.04YemenHadramawt10Fundamentalists put an alleged prostitute in the ground and stone her to death.
2016.01.04IraqRamadi400A mass grave containing forty ISIS execution victims is discovered.
2016.01.03SyriaRaqqa150Fifteen 'moderates' are beheaded by caliphate members.
2016.01.03SomaliaMogadishu13A suicide bomber kills one other person at a restaurant.
2016.01.03SyriaRaqqa50Five British 'kuffar' are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.01.03IraqTikrit1922ISIS suicide bombers kill nineteen Iraqis.
2016.01.03PakistanNaushero Feroz10A conservative family has a younger brother shoot a daughter to death for marrying without their permission.
2016.01.03IraqMosul30Three university students are executed in cold blood by ISIS.
2016.01.03Saudi ArabiaAwamiya11Shiite radicals open fire on the home of a Sunni, killing him and wounding an 8-year-old child.
2016.01.02SyriaRaqqa10A female activist is executed by the caliphate.
2016.01.02SomaliaMogadishu30Sharia proponents throw grenades into a police station, killing three occupants.
2016.01.02IndiaPathankot70Jaish-e-Mohammad stage a suicide attack on an Indian air base that leaves seven others dead.
2016.01.01FranceValence02Two other people are injured when a Muslim deliberately rams French guards outside a mosque.
2016.01.01IraqRamadi317Ten ISIS suicide bombers manage to kill only three other people.
2016.01.01IraqRamadi120The bodies of twelve civilian victims of ISIS executions are discovered.
2016.01.01SyriaDeir ez-Sor10A 15-year-old boy is thrown to his death from a roof by Sharia enthusiasts for 'being gay'.
2016.01.01IsraelTel Aviv10A taxi driver is shot to death by a Palestinian terrorist.
2016.01.01AfghanistanKabul215A suicide bomber strikes a French restaurant, killing two patrons, including a 12-year-old boy.
2016.01.01IsraelTel Aviv26An Arab terrorist carrying a Quran fires into bars and restaurants, killing two innocents.
2016.01.01SomaliaMogadishu14Islamists fire on a group of aid workers, killing one.
2016.01.01LibyaTripoli3000Three-hundred West African migrants are reportedly rounded up by ISIS and executed.