Monday, November 20, 2017

Al-Baghdadi Flees from Iraq to Syria in a Taxi, by Firas Samuri

According to the Egyptian Ad Dustar newspaper with the reference to a source in Iraqi special services, on November 3, Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi fled Iraq to Syria in a yellow taxi.

The source also noticed that Baghdadi departed from the city of Rawa and allegedly could travel to Deir Ezzor province or Albu Kamal. Moreover, it became known that the world’s most wanted terrorist had personally chosen such a method of evacuation in order to remain undetected, as he understood that in Rawa he could be in danger.

On November 3, the Iraqi Armed Forces backed by Special Forces and Hashd al-Sha'abi partly drove ISIS terrorists out of Anbar province, located on the border with Syria. Such a successful action of the Iraqi army forced Baghdadi and his associates to flee.

It should be mentioned that Rawa is located in Anbar province. It is one of the last strongholds in Iraq which is run by terrorists after the defeats in Mosul, Tal Afar, and Havij. The terrorist group keeps controlling several little towns along the Euphrates River and in desert areas not far from Syria.

Yesterday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stated that in a couple of days he will announce the release of this city and consequently the elimination of terrorism in the country as a whole.

It’s worth noting that in late September, a video message of ISIS leader surfaced on the Internet. In the footage, Al-Baghdadi said that he was aware of the situation on battlefields both in Iraq and Syria. He also mentioned a number of events that had taken place in September, including the sixth round of Syrian talks in Astana and the threats of the DPRK to the US, to confirm authenticity of the video.

The information that ISIS leader is alive was previously confirmed by Iraqi Ministry of Internal Affairs. In early July, Al Sumaria reported the death of emir and the imminent election of a new one who allegedly submitted his program. In June, a number of Iranian media distributed a photo of the body of a man similar to Al-Baghdadi. 

At the same time, he allegedly was slain several times as a result of the Syrian, Russian, Iraqi and international coalition airstrikes.

Despite the constant mess with the location and health of ISIS leader, its fall is not far off. Every day, Syrian and Iraqi forces, backed by the allied forces, continue to liberate the lost territories and return peace to other regions. In fact, the person of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is just a formality, and nothing already depends on the presence or absence of him.