Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Turkey-ISIS Research Project, Evidence Collection

This review is part of Turkey-ISIS Research Project efforts to expose Turkey’s support for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, also known with acronyms ISIL and Daesh) and other jihadist groups based on evidence that is not easy to come by. 

We believe that the evidence unearthed so far sheds a light on the systematic and deliberate pattern of aiding and abetting jihadist groups by the government of Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who hoped to export his firebrand version of political Islamism beyond Turkish borders using any and every means available. 

The evidence presented here represent only a tip of the iceberg and there is definitely more waiting to be uncovered. Turkey-ISIS Research Project will keep collecting and publishing more information as it becomes available. 

We also need to remember the hard work done by veteran members of Turkish law enforcement agencies and judiciary who had worked hard in investigating Erdoğan government’s clandestine links to ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other jihadist groups. It is a shame that these people were punished for simply doing their jobs as defined under the Turkish laws and international conventions to which Turkey is a party to.  


Leaked Turkish government documents and other evidence demonstrates Turkey’s support for ISIS and other Jihadi groups.

This evidence falls into these categories:

a. Crime Scene Records

b. Secret Communique by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT)

c. Documents by Investigators of the Ministry of Interior

d. Documents by Turkish Prosecutors Who Investigated Illegal Arms Shipments to Syria

e. Wiretaps

f. Traffic Surveillance Camera Records

g. Still-Shots from Video Recordings

h. Forensic Lab Report on Seized Mortars

i. Statement by Suspects

j. CCTV Footage from Customs Gate on Turkish-Syrian border

k. Photos from Crime Scenes 

l. United Nations Security Council Documents

m. Leaked Audio

A.      Crime Scene Records 

Crime scene record drafted by intervening gendarmes exposes Turkish Intelligence Agency (Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı or MİT) agents with their first or full names. They were caught shipping illegal arms to Syrian jihadist groups on January 1, 2014 and January 19, 2014 . According to the documents, the shipments were destined for armed jihadi groups on Syrian side across Turkish border. The search and seizure warrants were obtained on charges that the shipments were destined for terrorist groups.

B.      Secret Communiqué by Turkey’s Intelligence Agency (MIT)

Top secret letter, dated January 1, 2014 and signed by MIT Hatay regional head asked the governor to intervene and halt the search of the arms-laden Syria-bound truck and ensure its release.  The letter confirmed the shipment is owned and transported by MIT and claimed the law did not allow the prosecutor to search the trucks which was not true according to the Turkish laws in effect at the time. Another secret MIT document, dated March 17, 2014 and signed by MIT’s legal counsellor confirmed the trucks that were intercepted on January 1 and 19, 2014 (a) were operated by MIT; (b) that MIT owned the cargo, and (c) that it  was authorized to make the shipment. The third MIT document, dated March 27, 2014 and signed by deputy head of the MIT, confirmed half a dozen suspects who were investigated over drug and stolen vehicle trafficking were MIT agents. The appendix attached to the wiretap request in court documents showed that they were suspected of shipping stolen pickup-vehicles that were used by jihadists to mount artillery machine guns. 

MORE: http://www.turkey-isis.org/turkey-isis-research-project-evidence-collection/