Friday, March 6, 2020

Turkey Embassy in Albania holds prayer for dead soldiers in Syria

According to Albanian media, and specifically FM newspaper, a ceremony of official nature was held for the dead Turkish soldiers in Syria.

The following passage contains the translation of the reportage in the Albanian media.

Tirana and Skopje / Prayers for fallen Turkish soldiers in Syria

Under the auspices of the Turkish Embassy in Tirana, the Office of Religious Affairs Adviser at the Turkish Embassy and with the support of the Alsar Foundation, a prayer program dedicated to fallen Turkish soldiers in Syria has been held.

In this program organized at the Prophet's Mosque in the village of Mushqeta, in the Krraba Administrative Unit of Tirana District, was present the Turkish ambassador to Tirana, Murat Ahmet Yörük, other officials of Turkish institutions, Turkish citizens living in Albania and dozens of residents. of the area, who expressed their solidarity with the Turkish people.

After prayers and reading portions of the Qur'an, prayers of absentee prayer continued for Turkish soldiers who had fallen in Syria, led by Religious Affairs Advisor at the Turkish Embassy in Tirana, Bekir Yanılmaz.

Meanwhile, the Alsar Foundation's message of condolence on the occasion says that "the Turkish Turks gave their lives in defense of the life and peace of the Syrians and their blood was shed for a noble mission."