Monday, July 18, 2011

Abu Yaasir Exposed: Third Reply, by Andreas Banoutsos

Mr. Abu Yaasir aka Stefanos Kefokeris aka Stef Keris, how many aliases are you using after all??? Is somebody hunting you and you feel like using so many aliases? Are you the author of the book “Europe’s Forgotten Ottoman Heritage”? Did you publish it under the name Stef Keris?
In my last reply I wrote that I will not come back to you, simply because you are unaware of conducting a civilized dialogue without insulting me. However in your last reply in which you put the extravagant title “Andreas Banoutsos Exposed: Third Reply” (1) you again accused me of being a liar. So, in what exactly I was exposed? You used a ridiculous link of a supposedly search in Ahmad Eldin’s yahoo account to show that I never sent an e-mail to Mr.Eldin. You are lying again and this time you are using deception. What about the possibility that you deleted my e-mail so you can not find my name in Mr. Eldin’s yahoo account search? I again invite you to send me an e-mail ( and I will forward you the original message I sent last September to Mr.Eldin.

Mr.Abu Yaasir, you are again distorting my writings. I didn’t compare Islam to Nazism. I just wrote that during World War II Islamists cooperated with Adolf Hitler and that all sorts of Islamists, including Salafists, are trying to present themselves as peaceful people in order to deceive others and make it easier for them to seize power when time is appropriate. Islamists not Muslims. I don’t confuse Islamists with ordinary Muslims.
As much hard as you will try, you will never be able to slander me as a racist or Islamophobe. Soon, in an article at RIMSE, I will explain in Greek language the difference between Islam and Islamism in its various forms, as well as I will expose the false accusations (Islamophobe, racist etc) that Islamists are using in order to slander and attack their opponents.
I will not come again to the Dawa issue. It is now clear to everybody that Dawa is a kind of proselytism.
As for Salafists, Salafists are a group of Muslims who follow a certain methodology in interpreting Islam, but I am afraid that the figure you mentioned (90%) is the other way around.
Furthermore Mr. Abu Yaasir, I didn’t connect Greek Muslims with illegal immigration. What I wrote is that the inflow of illegal immigrants coming mainly from Muslim countries is posing a security threat to Greece and the West. You are referring to European converts to Islam. Can you please tell me how many Greek converts to Islam exist? Is it finally true that “El Rahman” Association numbers more than 1,500 people, “mainly Greek converts to Islam” as Mr.Eldin originally stated at his website or that number was an exaggeration?
Last but not least, you use the even more ridiculous argument that in Western Thrace “exist certain parts of family law according to Sharia law, simply because there is a Muslim majority as I had explained earlier.” Really is there a majority of Muslims in Western Thrace? So why everybody (including your friends the neo-Ottomans), not to mention the Lausanne Treaty itself, speak about the “Muslim minority of Western Thrace”? Mr. Abu Yaasir, do not distort the facts because more than two thirds of the population in Western Thrace are Greek Orthodox Christians and only the remainder are Muslims.(2) So explain me, how happens and certain aspects of Sharia are applied for a Muslim minority population?
You also wrote that my sources are pathetic; however you are the one who never used in your articles a single source.
For the last time Mr. Abu Yaasir, I will not talk with you in a debate, simply because you are a blatant liar, using deception instead of arguments and you also show a complete lack of manners. Mr. Abu Yaasir, I am sorry but I can not consider you as an educated adult.