Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Answering Abu Yaasir’s second article, by Andreas Banoutsos

Mr. Abu Yaasir you are back again. Welcome. (1) Do you really hold a PhD degree? I really doubt, because the way you are conducting the debate with me indicates that you are completely unaware of the rules of a civilized academic debate. Anyway, this is the last time I am going to dedicate my time to you.
I will now refer to your “arguments”. First of all, your “brother” Ahmed Eldin and you are blatant liars. As I have already mentioned in my previous article, I sent on September 17th 2010 an e-mail to Mr.Eldin, asking him to give me an interview and he never answered me back. If you have any doubts about this or whoever might be interested in, you just have to send me an e-mail ( and I will forward you the original e-mail I sent to Mr.Eldin (

What about the other lie you wrote? You wrote that I was the one who supposedly said that “El-Rahman” association numbers more than 1,500 members, mainly Greek converts to Islam, when the truth is that you mentioned these figures in you own website.
Mr.Abu Yaasir, the best advocate for my arguments is you. You stated in regard to the Greek Constitution: “Thank you for referring to one of the most undemocratic and racist laws of Europe” So, Mr.Yaasir the masks have fallen. You are a Greek citizen slandering (in English language) the Greek Constitution, which is by the way one of the most liberal Constitutions in Europe. So, maybe you want to replace the Greek Constitution with Sharia? Don’t bother to answer me. You have already answered me: “I accepted Islam 20 years ago and you know the number of reverts in Europe alone. If we believed that Islam was inferior to Western laws and societies do you think we would have ever accepted it?” So according to you, Islam and Sharia are superior to Western secular societies and laws. Now it clear to everyone and it is not only my opinion that you want Islam and Sharia to rule the West! And it is also clear the danger of the otherwise peaceful message of the Salafi radical Dawa. An intolerant, supremacist and rigid strand of Islam, the Salafi Islam, seeks to spread throughout Europe and the world.
Where is the threat when the message is peaceful and you condemn violence and terrorism? Well, as you acknowledged I am good in history and one of the lessons we learned from history is that another totalitarian ideology Nazism seized power in 1933 via free elections. They were careful enough to conceal [does taqiyya means something to you? (2)] their violent and totalitarian aspirations before seizing power. Of course, once they were “majority” they didn’t hesitate to turn violent and use state power to transform Germany into a totalitarian state. The results of course, as we all know were disastrous for Europe and the world.
Moreover, you wrote that “proselytizing means missionary work, we are no missionaries, we simply inform people about the correct Islam.” Well, Mr. Abu Yaasir proselytizing doesn’t mean missionary work and is not pursued only by missionary work. Proselytizing means “to induce someone to convert to one’s own religious faith.” (3) This is what exactly you are doing via your website As you know under the “most undemocratic and racist laws in Europe” the Greek Constitution (Article 13 paragraph 2) is outlawing proselytism. I still believe that a Greek court of law will find difficult to see any difference between Dawa and proselytizing.
Furthermore, you argue that “Sharia can just be implemented in an Islamic State where the majority are Muslims and you know yourself that Greece is far from having a majority Muslim population.” This is partly true. As you know, certain aspects of Sharia law are already implemented for Greek Muslims living in Western Thrace as a result of the Lausanne Treaty (1923) However, the real issue is not this. The real issue is that Salafi Islam seeks to Islamize the “Dar al Harb” (The House of War-the West in particular) and transform the entire world into “ Dar al Islam” (The House of Islam) And this goal by itself is totalitarian and poses a security threat to the West in general and Greece in particular. With the inflow of thousands of illegal immigrants coming from Muslim countries since 2000, the Greek society is witnessing a gradual transformation.
Specifically the continuing inflow of illegal immigrants coming from Muslim countries may result to a significant increase of Muslims living in Greece, probably approaching the desirable “majority” of Mr.Yaasir’s by the year 2050. Finally, it is obvious that you still confuse the terms Islam and Islamism, maybe because according to your own interpretation of Islam( Salafi Islam) Islam is a holistic ( totalitarian I would say) religion embracing all aspects of human life. Fortunately for Greece and the world, Salafi Islam represents (at least till now) only a small minority of the entire Muslim population.