Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bosnia Charges 3 in Planned Sweden Attack

The Prosecution of Bosnia-Herzegovina has raised indictments against three persons in a case known as "Benelux".


The three - Bosnian citizens Adis Ramic and Amar Sljivo, and Swedish citizen Osman Abdel Salam - are accused of smuggling an explosive device meant to be used in a terrorist attack in Sweden.

The three suspects were arrested on March 13 and remain detained , he Fena agency reported on Tuesday. 

The prosecution said that in this case it achieved "significant international cooperation" with investigative and law enforcement authorities in the Netherlands and in Sweden. 

The prosecution said the investigation had shown that the first-accused Ramic and others acted as an organized group to procure and manufacture an explosive device with great destructive power, that could be remotely activated, and was meant to be used in the town of Malmo, Sweden - an attack that could have killed or injured a number of persons. 

According to the charges, Ramic struck a deal with one person currently in jail in the Netherlands, and another in Sweden, to buy the device, manufactured by Sljivo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 

Abdel Salem attempted to smuggle the device out of Bosnia in an Audi with Swedish plates, but was arrested near a border crossing. The bomb was found hidden in the vehicle.