Thursday, June 9, 2016

Balkan Jihadists profiles, by Ioannis Michaletos

Confidential documents of Bosnia's security services,   reveal shocking details of members of the Islamic State (IS), who appeared videos threatening Balkan countries. 

Below biographies and photos of  persons appering in a video titled "The honor is the jihad, the message the Balkans", calling on Muslims to join them in a "holy struggle", and if you they cannot - that should attack  where they live. The list below is not all-inclusive, but represents a closer look on the main persons involved.

Nihad Berkovic

The video footage was signed as Abu Jihad Al-Bosnia. Born in 1982 in Tuzla, a resident of Kladanj. The jihadist  in Syria went on 31 October 2013 with his wife Melissa Hasičić, but they were with them in the company with Asmir Gostevcic and his wife Elzedina Berbić.

Ines Midžić

His pseudonym in a shocking video footage read Salahuddin Al-Bosnia. Midžić was born in 1990 in Bihac, where he resided. In Syria he went with Fikret Hadzic via Istanbul flight from Sarajevo, 15 August 2012. Several times he returned to BiH, and on June 20, 2013 he went to Istanbul and traveled along with Edin Zukic. 

Jasmin Keserović

Born in 1994 in Zavidovici, and resided in Hajdarevići. Keserović, called Mohammed, went to jihad together with Bajro Ikanović and Midhat Djon on 23 January 2013. Jasmin Keserović in the video appears under the name Abu Muhammad Al-Bosnia.

Seid Colic

He died in March 2015, and was born on 10 September 1976 in Doboj, and he lived in Tesanj. On the plane to Turkey with him on March 14, 2013, he went with Eduard Durguti. Colic  entered Bosnia from Serbia (Uvac) on 30 May 2013 and on 22 June the same year goes to Serbia, via the GP Pavlovic Bridge, with his wife Mel Horić and Elvin Odobašić and his wife Medina Delic, and then all went  to Syria.

Edin Aliyev

Born on 17 January 1987 in Sarajevo, residing in Hadzici. He joined the Jihad in Syria on 21 May 2013 together with Jasmina Grabus and Sezimova Mandžuka. Then he married Aida Kobić. In early January 2014, he was badly wounded in clashes with members of the Free Syrian Army.

Nermin Sabic

Born on 15 February 1982 in Drenova Glavica, Bosanska Krupa municipality, a resident in Brig, in the municipality of Buzim. From Sarajevo airport he went to Istanbul on 11 September 2014, together with his wife Zlata Sabic, and his children who were born on 2007, 2008 and 2013 

Enes Iriškić

Resided in the village of Litchfield, Teslic municipality, and was born on 24 March 1984 in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. In Syria he went from Sarajevo connecting flight to Istanbul. Brought along his wife and two daughters.

Millar Berbić

In Syria he went on 29 August 2014, via Istanbul, orinally travelling  from Sarajevo. He was born on 30 December 1954 in Pepelari, the city of Zenica, where he resided.

Mevludin Cicvara

Most probably killed in Syria, and was born on April 7, 1989 in Travnik, except that he lived in Gornja Maoca, where he attended madrassas organized and led Wahhabi Imam Nusret Imamovic. Joined jihad in Syria on 2 April 2013 together with Hans Sivac, Enver Lilic, Abdullah Ibradžić, Advani Mijatovic and Aldin Alibašić.

Jasmin Hasičić

Born on 17 November 1988 in Gradačac, but  resided in Tuzla. 

Nermin Jahic

Born on 10 August 1983 in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia and lived in Gradacac, at Šehitluci 

Yusuf Selimovic

Born on 22 August 1958 in Svojat, Živinice municipality,and  Austrian citizenship

Abid Podbićanin

Born on 15 March 1979 in Prijepolje, has Serbian citizenship. In the video labeled as Abu Safiyah Al-Bosnia.

Asim Shaqiri

Serbian citizen, born on 24 August 1964 in Presevo. In Syria went in the fall of 2013, together with the whole family (wife bahrija, sons Samir and Safet and daughters Amir and Anita). Daughter Anita is married to Emina Hodzic, who was also on the Syrian front.

Ridvan Haćifi

In the video appeared under the alias Abu Al-Muqatil Kosovo. He was born on July 4, 1990 in Gnjilane. In July 2014, received the position of commander of the Albanian terrorist organization in the Islamic country.

Almir Dachi

Born in Albania on 1 August 1983. He was imam at a mosque in Albania, without the authorization of the Albanian Muslim community. A member of the jihadist groups IS and for his arrest was issued an international arrest warrant. In the First Court of the violent crime in Tirana he was convicted of terrorism and other related crimes. In the video he appeared under the pseudonym Abu Bilqis Al-Albani.

Mirza Haklaj

Born on July 22, 1984, in Podgorica, and died in February 2015. The fate of his wife and two children is unknown. Haklaj on the video appeared under the name Abu Maryam Al-Albani.

Abu Siddiq Al-Bosnia

From Bosnia but his idntity is not clear

Armin Delic

It is known that he was born on 25 February 1998, and that has both Bosnian and Austrian citizenship.

Alice Xhemajili

Born on July 3, 1988 in Gnjilane