Thursday, June 23, 2016

Extremist organizations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, by Ioannis Michaletos

Details on major extremist organizations in BiH of Islamist origin tied with international terrorism



-"Taiba International - Bosnian office" 

- "Al-Furkan" is based:

In Sarajevo at addresses: 30A of Young Muslims and Muhammad Hadzijahica 42, in Zenica at: Strossmayer Street 53, 70 and 72, and in Zavidovici at the Golden Lily district. The organization was registered in 1997 as an association of citizens (NGO). This orhanization has also offshots named:  "Dzemilijati Furkan" and "Sirat"

-Islamic foundation "Al-Haramein" is based:

In Sarajevo  at address: Hasib Brankovic 2A and has local bracnhes in Bihac, Travnik (64 Potur Mahala) and in Zenica. An offshoot of this organization is named "Happy Future" NGO. 

-"Taiba International - Bosnian office" 

In Serajevo at address: 6 Avdo Smajlovic and in the High Street at the addresses Tabhanska 26 and Great Street 3rd

From 2002 to 2004, "Taiba" used rooms in the House of Culture in Hadzici town. The organization was officially registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a branch of "Taiba international association of support." 

The above organization although formally outlawed, still continue operations as usual and play a role in disseminating propaganda regarding the conflicts in Syria/Iraq/Libya as well as embrashing all sorts of extremist figures who are on the verge of being directly recruited by terrorist networks. 

A notable figure who played a key role in the above culminations is Bosnian Imam "Nusret Imanovic", who is now in Syria fighting along with the Al Nusra terrorist network.