Sunday, September 25, 2016

Gordon Bardos: Bosnia a refuge and base for terrorists

BiH had a very important role in the formation of "Al-Qaeda", and during the nineties became a haven, base and shelter for terrorists. 

Further it was a major center for the recruitment, training and raising money to finance terrorist activities, and security experts believe that and still retains this role. 

American expert on Balkan politics and security issues, Gordon Bardos in an article published on the portal "American Center for Democracy." states that: "In addition to several thousands of foreign mujahideen who entered the country between 1992 and 1995, through religious training in camps associated with" Al-Qaeda 

"It's been about 2,000 people. Such camps have provided training in handling weapons and explosives for future international terrorists", according to the article. 

Bardos, among other things, stated that the regime of former President of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Alija Izetbegovic gave passport to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and that the founder of the terrorist camp Pogorelich was head of Izetbegovic's personal security, named  Bakir Alispahic, whilst it is a  fact that Islamist radicals and still hold important positions in Bosnia. 

He pointed out that Alispahic became head of the Security Council SDA despite the fact that he is on the list of persons banned from entering the United States. "Facilities for terrorist training in Bosnia and Herzegovina are now operating under the guise of youth camps that have been set in remote areas. 

There mujahideen war train young people using the tactics of guerrilla warfare. Those who are recruited gradually isolate them from their families. Camps are not permanent, and contest flights lasting six up to seven weeks. This recording and distributing radical-controlled mosques and "Islamic art centers" across Europe, "said Bardos. 

Source: Nezavisne Serbia