Sunday, September 14, 2014

New paramilitary structure formed in Kosovo, by Ioannis Michaletos

A new paramilitary structure seems to have been formed as of recent in Kosovo, aiming chiefly to disentegrate FYROM, but also with tendncies against Montenegro, Serbia and Greece and with a potential role to play also in Albania as well. 

More specifically, during most of August 2014, a series of meetings took place in Kosovo that shaped the aforementioned. It is of interest that a large number of participants, are related to far-right and hypernationalistic groups, who are considered as offshoots of WW2 Nazi-style formations.

On the 9th of August in the hotel “Evropa”- “Europe”, in the city of Gjakova in Kosovo the 12th annual gathering of several groups including the one of Ballit Kombëtar për Shqipëri Etnike, took place with around 80 participants. Maps of the so-called “Greater Albania” were present along with assorted speaches and plannnings.

The most notable of the lecturers included:

Mark Avdyli, Hajriz Demaku, Dr.Pjetër Pepa, Fatbardha Sarçi(Mulleti), Oroshi, dr. Muhamet Shatri, Tomë Mrijaj, Gjon Marku, Selman Etemi, Xhemal Meçi, Prof.dr.Bajram Xhafa, Rukije Rama, Leonora Laçi, Arbër Gashi, Avni Bilalli, Prof.dr.Jahja Drançolli. Xhuli Spahiu, Prend Buzhala, Skënder Lutfiu, Pal Canaj, Agon Rrezja, Izber Hoti, Mentor Kaqi, Remzije Zekolli,Reshat Kripa, Besim Morina, Enver Sulaj, Ismet Arifaj.

Also Nue Oroshi from Pristina, assured that soon a proclamation will be sent to the “international authorities”, including NATO, UN,EU and others, regarding the “unification of Albanian territories in the Balkans”.

It is of interest to note that this development comes exactly at a period when the Western Balkan states face difficulty into be formally integrated into the EU, thus these actions furher prohibit such aim and clearly illustrate provocative forces at work.

Moreover, on the 7th of August the organization mentioned above, along with several other smaller groups, formed its “coordinating board” regarding the aims described which is composed by the following:

Dr. Artur Roshi, kryetar i Partisë Balli Kombëtar Demokrat,

Korab Ndreu, anëtar i kryesisë së Partisë Balli Kombëtar Demokrat,

Edi Belishova, anëtar i kryesisë së Partisë Balli Kombëtar Demokrat,

Flora Hasa, Balli Kombëtar Shqiptar Maqedoni

Berat Durmishi, Balli Kombëtar Shqiptar Maqedoni,

Selmon Berisha, kryetar i Partisë Balli Kombëtar Kosovë,

Xhemajl Murati-Tupalla, anëtar i kryesisë së Partisë Balli Kombëtar Kosovë,

Mehmet Breznica, Partia Balli Kombëtar Kosovë,

Arbër Gashi Zvicërr, Sekretariati Koordinator i Ballit Kombëtar për Europë dhe SHBA,

Agim Curri Gjermani, Sekretariati Koordinator i Ballit Kombëtar për Europë dhe SHBA,

Mehmedali Jashari SHBA, Sekretariati Koordinator i Ballit Kombëtar për Europë dhe SHBA.

As persons responsible for international campaign and informations, the ones selected were:

1. Dr. Artur Roshi, selia e Partisë Balli Kombëtar Demokrat,
2. Flora Hasa, selia e Balli Kombëtar Shqiptar në Maqedoni,
3. Arbër Gashi, Sekretariati Koordinativ për Europë dhe SHBA,
4. Agim Curri, Sekretariati Koordinativ për Europë dhe SHBA”.

On the 20th of August it was annnounced that the paramilitary structure under the name “GARDA e REPUBLIKE ILIRIDES”, based in the city of Ferizaj in SOuthern Kosovo has been established, under the leadership of Hamdi Ndrecaj “Panteri” (Alias: Panther)

He has fought during the war in the 90’s first in Bosnia as a mercenary for Croatians, then in Kosovo with KLA and during the 2001 uprising in Tetovo he commanded the 112 Mujdin Ali unit  along with  Beqiri Rahim (Alis:Rocky).

 A “Panther platoon” with Ndrecaj above left

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