Sunday, October 12, 2014

Radical Islamic subversion and conversion outline, by Ioannis Michaletos

A synopsis of the basic outline of subversion by radical-extremist Islamist groups in Europe,as well as, the overall situation regarding the motivations for conversion to the radical ideology. 


The methods by which radical Islamists try to subvert-infiltrate political and social structures in the EU, follows apattern that tries to emulate the progress of the law-abiding Muslims in every country.

- First the establishment of mosques-prayer houses -religious seminars.

- Secondly the, the creation of NGO’s-associations-charities-foundations.

- Thirdly, the investment of considerable amounts of money for public relations and the recruitment of local journalists, public officials, opinion makers, etc.

- Fourthly, the acceptance by the local societies of the extremist Islamic community as separate from the social body, that will have of course all rights of any citizen, but it will retain its autonomy and seclusion and be able to supress any moderate coreligionist.

- Fifth stage, is the election of extremist Islamic officials into the local councils and Parliaments

Overall picture - Conversion in Europe

Social places (Countries most observed this phenomenon)

- Prison system (UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy)

 -Universities-higher education – research   (UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium)

- Charities, foundations, NGOs  (UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Netherlands)

- Marriages-family relationships–local communities  (UK, Netherlands, Germany France, Belgium, Sweden )

Specific cities in Europe of substancial rate of conversion together with radicalization: Birmingham, Luton, London, Bradford, Paris, Leicester, Lyon, Brussels, Rotterdam, Marseilles, Berlin, Milano, Koln, Amsterdam, Liege, Hamburg, Malmoe. 

Main motivation for conversion into radical-extremist sects of Islam

- Social exclusion that leads to the counterbalancing need of belonging to a “strong and austere social group”, a motive strong in prisoner population or fringe social groups

- Hate of the system, especially amongst the ranks of criminals that turn into radical Islam to revenge the “system”

- Adventure for individuals bored of routine. Islam has associated itself with : Wars, terrorism, covert operations, passion, etc thus it attracts a minority in every society seeking for thrills and adventures in “exotic places”, as well as , borderline personalities and mavericks.

- Money. Islam is steadily gaining attractions due to the wealth of Islamic banking, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, the strong and rich charity system which attracts European mavericks that want to benefit and steadily become involved in Islamic communities before eventually being conversed and associated with extremists, in many occassions unwittingly.

- Attraction of Muslim males to certain European women. The attraction of especially Middle Eastern males (Macho, exotic, very traditional in their behavior towards women) attracts a number of young European women that eventually get conversed in order to either “please” their mate or in order to get married. Since Christianity is falling in most of Europe, Islam is taking it's place as a religious -cultural prerogative and demands that no marriage can take place without conversion. Thus if the spouce is associated with radical groups the whole family participates into, often forcibly.

- Disillusioned far-Left (mostly) and far-Right ideologists. A number of mostly Leftist-ideology individuals in Europe that are against American and/or European policies or against Capitalism, see Islam as a counterbalance and convert themselves in order to fight the perceived “common enemies”